Misawa, Aomori

Misawa (Japanese三 沢 市, -shi ) is a city in Aomori Prefecture in the Tohoku region in Japan. The U.S. Air Force, where it maintains the Base Misawa Air Base.


Misawa is located east of Aomori and Hachinohe north of the Pacific Ocean.


In February 1948, the Mura Misawa (三 泽 村, -mura ) and parts of the Mura Rokunohe (六 戸 村, -mura ) Shimoda (下 田村, -mura ) and Uranodate (浦 野 馆 村, -mura ) in Kamikita -gun closed to machi Ōmisawa (大三 泽 町, machi, literally: Wholesale Misawa ) together. On September 1, 1958, the return appointment in Misawa was - but using the Shinjitai notation - with the appointment to Shi.

When the tsunami reached after the Tōhoku earthquake Misawa March 11, 2011, were two fatalities, at the age of 78 and 60 years, reported.


  • Street: National Road 338
  • JR Tōhoku Main Line: to Ueno and Aomori


  • United States Wenatchee, since 1981
  • United States East Wenatchee, since 2001

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Takanonami Sadahiro ( sumo wrestler )

Adjacent Cities and Towns

  • Oirase
  • Rokkasho