Norma Auto Concept

Norma Auto Concept is a French manufacturer of sports cars based in the 1,200 inhabitants municipality of Saint -Pé -de- Bigorre in the Hautes -Pyrenees.

Company History

The company was founded in 1990 by the French engineer Norbert Santos. It develops and builds race cars for different national and international racing classes and employs in his own words also with the preparation of the vehicles for the respective racing applications.

The products

Formula Sports

With open -seaters Norma attends the Formula Renault, a French junior class that is located below the formula 3.


In addition, Norma provides sports prototypes, which are used by independent drivers in the French Hill Climb Championship and in the European Hill Climb Championship.

Long-distance race

Since 1990, Norma reported repeatedly vehicles for the 24- hour race at Le Mans, but was unable to attend every race.

For 24 - hour race in 1990, the Ecurie ASA Armagnac Bigorre reported a Norma M6, a closed prototype of class C1. The team was to some extent a Norma factory team; the Norbert Santos headed, who was also reported as one of the drivers. Other drivers were Noël del Bello and Daniel Boccard. The special thing about this car was its engine: It was an unusual, initially designed for Formula 1 W engine from Moteurs Guy Nègre, which had been tested in a 1989 car of the Formula 1 teams Automobiles Gonfaronnaises Sportives (AGS ). After the unsuccessful completion of the Formula 1 tests had the developers of the engine, Guy Nègre, handed over the engine to Norbert Santos for further use. To a race participation did not happen because the team did not qualify. According to press reports, the mechanic got the engine not running, so the team in the qualification was unable to attend.

Two years later, the 24 -hour race in 1992, a team called Noël del Bello Racing announced again a Norma. In the message list is not listed, what type it has traded there. When driving a 3.0 -liter six- cylinder was given by Alfa Romeo. The team did not appear at the end.

For 24 -hour race in 1995 reported Norma owner Norbert Santos a Norma M14, which was to be powered by a 4.5 - liter six-cylinder Buick. Drivers were LACAUD Dominique, Jean -Paul Libert and Pascal Dro. The team did not participate in the race; as the basic engine damage is given in the official lists.

Finally, a Sezio Florida Racing team announced the 24 -hour race of the year 2000, Norma M2000 with BMW M5 engine for Edouard Sezionale and Patrice Roussell. The message, however, was not accepted by the organizer of the race, so it did not come to a race entry.

For 24 - hour race in 2003, the Frenchman Edouard Sezionale reported a Norma M2000 -2 for the LMP 900 class. The vehicle was powered by a 6 -liter eight-cylinder engine from Ford USA. Reported drivers were Edouard Sezionale, Patrice Roussell and Lucas Lasserre. However, the race participation lasted only 45 minutes until the engine collapsed.

In 2010 the prototype of Norma M200 with Judd engine, with the Ecurie Pegasus Racing took part in the 24 - hour race at Le Mans 2010. The Mileage of Julien Schell, Frédéric Da Rocha and David Zollinger car fell off after 40 laps.

2011 continued the Extrême Limite AM Paris the now of a BMW engine driven M200 for Fabien Rosier, Phillipe and Jean -René De Haezebrouck Fournoux. The team finished the race outside the classification.