OKA 4wd

OKA is an Australian manufacturer of all-terrain vehicles in Bibra Lake, a suburb of Perth (Western Australia). It tour buses and trucks are mainly produced. The current owner of the company is Reymer Pty. Ltd.. It is less than 500 OKA cars were built.


OKA was created in 1986 when the heads of some Australian mining companies were made up because they needed an off-road truck with 3 tons of payload and no time on the market are filled her car specifications. They formed a consortium and so the OKA brand was born.

When they had reached agreement on the basic task, one introduced by a market study of over 1200 mining companies, government agencies, farmers, the Australian armed forces and potential private users, to determine the design parameters. 1987 began work on the first prototype and 1988 these first tests was subjected. Also parallel to serial production prototypes were built and over again until 1992.

A little later came the first model, the XT series. He was followed by the LT and finally the present model NT. These vehicles were sold to government agencies, tour bus companies, private industry, the mining industry, the military and leisure companies. Currently, they are offered in addition to Australia and in Papua New Guinea and Africa. Models for the United Arab Emirates and Europe are currently being developed.


OKA has been two models, the XT and LT built. Currently, the NT is offered. They are available with different structures, such as as chassis, pickup, double cab, Mehrfachkabiner or tour bus.

Technical cooperation with Hindustan

OKA has left the Indian car manufacturer Hindustan a license to build their multi-role vehicles RTV.