Olympic Air


Olympic Air is a Greek airline based in Athens and based on its airport Eleftherios Venizelos. It is the successor company of Olympic Airlines and Aegean Airlines is a subsidiary of.


On 6 March 2009 announced the Greek Development Minister Kostis Hatzidakis that the Marfin Investment Group would buy the operating business, including the attractive landing rights, the technical infrastructure as well as the trademark of the hitherto state and high-deficit Olympic Airlines to derive a successor company for this under the name Olympic Air (OA ) to form. For the phase of restructuring the new Olympic Air negotiated with some of the staff from new contracts.

Having previously the new subsidiaries Olympic Handling ( ground handling) and Olympic Engineering ( engineering) had been formed already, Olympic Air took 29 September 2009 with a considerably thinned route network and compared with the predecessor greatly reduced staff officially on the operation. The corporate design, including the well-known logos were taken, but subjected to a slight revision.

In October 2009 announced by the CEO Antonis Simigdalas that the restructured company already befördere about 10,000 passengers per day, and within 12 months again wanted to offer long-haul routes, but this was not implemented. When asked about the financial viability he predicted that the company starting in 2012 could be in the black and the ground handling have already achieved this.

On December 6, 2009, it was announced that Olympic Air has been appointed to and including 2012 the official airline of the Greek Olympic Committee.

On September 24, 2010 was awarded Olympic Air from the European Regional Airlines Association with the Airline of the Year 2010/11 Silver Award. Among other things, the rapid rise despite the crisis the airline was praised.

Yet in February 2010 plans a merger of Olympic Air with the likewise Greek Aegean Airlines Olympic Air under the umbrella brand of the European Commission had been prohibited due to an expected monopoly. A renewed attempt in October 2012 while retaining both brands but also had a better chance due to the greater competition in the meantime, for example by Cyprus Airways and is now far different route networks. In October 2013, the European Commission allowed the merger was ultimately. On October 23, 2013 Olympic Air was therefore taken for a total of 72 million euros by Aegean Airlines from Marfin Investment Group and will henceforth operate as a subsidiary of Aegean.

In the spring of 2013, Olympic Air began with the retirement of its four aircraft from the Airbus A320 family, as you would in the future serve only regional routes with Bombardier Q Series.


Olympic Air operates a dense network of destinations within Greece as well as a few links to major cities in Europe and the Middle East, for example, Istanbul, Bucharest and Tel Aviv. In contrast to its predecessor far fewer connections are offered abroad, long-haul destinations are not served.

The connections to Paris, London and Vienna were discontinued in early 2011 in favor of other domestic routes.

Code Sharing

Olympic Air has codeshare agreement with Aegean Airlines, Bulgaria Air and Etihad Airways ( to 29 March 2014).


As of December 2013, the fleet of Olympic Air consists of 15 aircraft with an average age of 7.9 years:

  • 01 Airbus (planned withdrawal ) A319 -100
  • 04 Bombardier Dash 8Q -100
  • 10 Bombardier Dash 8Q -400 ( 2 leased from Flybe )