Oy -Mittelberg is a municipality in the Swabian district of Upper Allgäu region.

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Expansion of the municipal area

The municipality consists of the districts Mittelberg and Peter Thal.

To Oy -Mittelberg include the places Bachtel, Burgkranzegg, Faistenoy, Guggemoos, Hague, Haslach, rear Schwarzenberg, cress, Maria -Rain, Mittelberg, Oberschwarzenberg, Customs House, Oy, Peter Thal, Riedis, engraving and Under Schwarzenberg.


Mittelberg is first mentioned in documents around the year 800 as the site of the Tenth Wertach. The area of Oy- Mittelberg belonged to Reichsdeputationshauptschluss and the secularization of 1803 Bishopric of Augsburg, since a part of the place to Bavaria. 1822 fell Mittelberg up on church and parsonage a major fire.

Oy heard since the 19th century to the municipality of Mittelberg.


On 1 January 1976, the former municipality Petersthal was almost completely incorporated into the municipality of Mittelberg in the course of municipal reform. On 1 May 1978, was an exchange of territory between the municipality of Mittelberg and the market Sulzberg. Since 1 January 1980 it bears the name of Oy- Mittelberg.



City Council / Mayor

Since the local elections of March 2, 2008 ( turnout 58.6 %), the council of Oy- Mittelberg is composed as follows:

The mayor is Theo Haslach (CSU ). In the mayoral election on 27 November 2005, he received nearly 62 % of the vote in 2011 without an opposing candidate even 93.9 %. Its predecessor was Wolfgang Hützler (CDU ), who was 18 years in office.

Municipal finances

In 2009, the municipal tax revenue amounted to € 2,674,000, of which € 339,000 trade tax revenue ( net).

Coat of arms

The coat of arms description reads: In red and silver shield split a split ball in confused colors, which is embraced by an occupied five heraldic roses wreath in confused colors.

Community partnership

Since 1983, a partnership between Oy -Mittelberg and the French community Bais ( Mayenne ).

Culture and sights



  • Sanctuary of the Holy Cross, Maria Rain. - Facilities include a Gothic Hochaltarm, early Baroque pulpit and the miraculous image of about 1490th
  • Parish Church of St. Michael, Mittelberg. With 1,036 meters above sea level it is one of the highest parishes in the Allgäu. The origins go back to the 8th century. After a modification and extension in 1769 it shows itself in baroque shape. With the greatest fresco cycle of the Allgäu artist Franz Anton White, late Gothic Pieta, Baroque Michael and baroque pulpit. Michael Bell of 1522. Tower of the 12th century. Late Gothic vicarage with the transition to the Church. Branch churches: Faistenoy, Hague, Haslach, Multen, Customs House
  • Parish Church of St. Peter and Paul, Peter Thal. - The equipment of the late baroque village church include a palm donkey and a Madonna figure of Syrlin School ( 1510 ).
  • Parish Church of Mary Immaculate, Black Mountain.


  • St Magnus Chapel, Hague - built in 1875
  • Christmas Chapel, Bachtel - built in 1664, with a Baroque interior
  • Parochial chapel of St. Anna, Oy - built in 1677
  • Wendelinskapelle, Faistenoy - 1754
  • St. Martin's Chapel, Guggemoos - built in 1858
  • St. Wolfgang Chapel, Haslach
  • St Magnus Chapel, Customs House - built in 1742
  • Chapel, Riedis - contains valuable late medieval sculptures
  • Trinity Chapel, Etching - built from 1792, Altar of 1850

Parish Church of St. Michael, ceiling painting of FAWeiß


Trinity Chapel in stitch

Economy and infrastructure


There were 2009 in the field of agriculture and forestry 4, in the manufacturing sector and 303 in the area of ​​trade, transport and catering 144 persons work at the workplace. In other areas, were employed to social security at the workplace 345 people. Social insurance contributions at town there were a total 1477th In the manufacturing sector, 2009 saw two, in the construction of seven plants. In 2007 there were also 141 agricultural holdings with a utilized agricultural area of ​​more than 2 ha, the total cultivated 3253 ha.


Tourism contributed significantly to the development of the community in its present shape. Important prerequisites for tourism are the numerous lakes such Rottach memory and Grüntensee and the many preserved in its original districts such as Central Mountain. In the district of Haslach is since 2007, the high ropes course " climbing forest Grüntensee ".


  • In 2010 were cared for in two churches and a municipal kindergartens with a total of 175 seats 131 children.
  • In elementary school 299 children were taught in 15 classes in the school year 2009 by 22 teachers.


Alphabetical order

  • Alois Peter Gratz ( born August 17, 1769 in Mittelberg, † November 1, 1849 in Darmstadt), Catholic biblical scholars
  • Uwe Kekeritz ( born October 9, 1953 in Mittelberg ), politicians ( Green ), since 2009 Member of the German Bundestag
  • Romuald Schaber (* 1957), founder and chairman of the Association of German dairy farmers
  • Matthias Schriefl ( b. 1981 ) grew up in Maria Rain, attended elementary school in Oy and is internationally a performing jazz trumpeter and composer.