The Oyak Otomobil Fabrikalari Anonim Şirketi is an existing since the 1969 joint venture between the Turkish Ordu Yardımlaşma Kurumu with the French Renault SA The Turkish limited company is based in Bursa. Production started on 14 May 1971.

Although the Turkish producer gets only delivered as CKD kits from an American plant in Ontario, the vehicles and assembled, so it is with every year around 286,000 to 360,000 units a maximum of one of the greatest works of the French brand. Some of the models are even exported to over 100 countries. In addition to the assembly of automobiles, the factory operates its own transmission and engine production. Currently, about 450 different engines are built, all of which 450,000 units a year. In a three -shift operation a little more than 5900 workers are employed. For domestic sales within Turkey in 1969 appointed distributor corn A.Ş. responsible.


  • Renault: 51%
  • OYAK: 49%

Model Overview

Renault 9 Broadway 1985-2003

Renault 11 Flash 1987-1996

Renault 21 Manager 1990-1998

Renault 19 1992-1996

Renault 19 Europe 1996-2003

Renault Mégane 1997-2003

Renault Megane Grand Tour 1998-2003

Renault Clio Symbol Renault Thalia (Export) 1999-2006

Renault Mégane Sedan 2003-2009

Renault Clio HB since 2006

Renault Clio Grand Tour since 2007

Renault Symbol Renault Thalia (Export) since 2008

Renault Fluence since 2009

Renault Megane HB since 2009

The Timeline of Turkish Renault models

  • Model was at this time of the Oyak Otomobil Fabrikalari A.Ş. produced.

1 export name for some countries in Southeast Europe