Percival Pembroke

The Percival Pembroke ( P.66 ) was a twin-engine multi-purpose aircraft during the Cold War from a British production. It was developed by E. Percival Wickner. The Percival Aircraft Ltd.. made from about 1952-1959 136 copies in different variants.

  • 2.1 User States
  • 2.2 stationing in Germany


The Pembroke is a high-wing monoplane, the main landing gear is integrated in the two engine nacelles.


For the Royal Air Force following models were developed:

The following series were export variants:



User States

In all countries, except for Germany, see details below, the machines were operated exclusively by the respective air forces.

  • Belgium

12 C.51, in service 1954-1976

  • Denmark Denmark
  • Finland Finland
  • Federal Republic of Germany Federal Republic of Germany, in service 1957-1975

33 C.Mk.54

  • Malawi 1964 Malawi
  • Rhodesia Rhodesia

2 C.1, diverted from the order for the RAF

  • Sweden Sweden

16 C.52, plus 2 used from Danish Air Force, in service 1955-1977

  • Sudan Sudan
  • United Kingdom United Kingdom

56 C.1, C ( PR) .1

Stationing in Germany

  • Royal Air Force ( RAF)

Only a Bundeswehr - Pembroke was lost by an engine explosion; at the emergency landing at Eckernförde the crew was able to save unharmed. This machine is on display at Aeronauticum in the north woods. A Pembroke C.Mk.54 ( 5421 ) can be seen in the Aircraft Expo Hermes wedge, Rhineland Palatinate.