Dornier Do 27

The Dornier Do 27 is a lightweight single-engine STOL multipurpose aircraft of the German manufacturer Dornier. As a high-wing monoplane with four to six seats it was used primarily military in the army and other armed forces. The design was based on developed by Dornier in Spain Dornier Do 25


After the first flight of the Do 27 in 1956 to 1965 about 600 machines were manufactured by the Dornier plant. Thus, it was the first German aircraft design that went into mass production after the Second World War. Customers included the German Luftwaffe, the German Navy as the German Army Aviation Corps ( 428 pieces) and the Swiss Air Force ( seven pieces). 50 machines were built by CASA in Spain under license and is designated as the Casa C 127. Upon their retirement, by the German Air Force in the 1970s and 1980s, many machines have been delivered to private users. Flew in Germany in 2004 alone more than 60 machines. The Swiss Air Force (2007) is currently still an airplane (enrollment V -601 ) for photo flights in use.

From 1971, 35 pieces of the Federal Republic of Germany and four other as Do 27Q Dror ( Sparrow ) for the Israeli Air Force were procured. They were decommissioned in 1981.

As a robust -wing monoplane designed with fixed landing gear, the Do 27 is particularly suitable for use off paved roads. Contributing to their short take-off and landing characteristics ( STOL ). After 250 meters, it reached an altitude of 15 meters. From a height of 15 meters, it requires only a distance of 183 meters for a landing.

Thanks to these properties, one of the machines was (the first production aircraft ) used among other things in the 1950s by Bernhard Grzimek and his son Michael in East Africa. Michael Grzimek was killed on 10 January 1959, a Do 27 deadly than the right wing collided with a Old World vulture. The plane crashed from a height of 200 meters from a steep right turn.


Built copies

A plane is on display at the Dornier Museum in Friedrichshafen. Another, the aforementioned original machine Grzimeks color reinvented, stands at the Frankfurt Zoo.