Polskie Górnictwo Naftowe i Gazownictwo S. A. ( PGNiG Polish Oil Mining and Gas Aktiengesellschaft ) is a company from Poland, based in Warsaw. The company produces and sells oil and natural gas. It is listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange in the stock market index WIG 20.

According to the company about 30,000 employees at PGNiG and the 56 subsidiaries are engaged. Sales of the PGNiG Group in 2010 amounted to 21.3 billion zloty (about 5.325 billion euros ), at 2.46 billion zloty profit ( 660 million euros ).


The company was founded as a state-owned company on 1 December 1982. In contrast, look in the merged company PGNiG back to company histories to the 19th century. On 30 October 1996, the company was transformed into a corporation. The company went public on 23 September 2005 with an opening price of 3.81 euro on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

84.75 percent of the shares are held by the Polish government and 15.25 percent are in free float.

With the accession of Poland to the EU and the opening of the local energy market, the business quickly expanded from the west.

61,000 current and former employees were entitled in 2009 to take over 15% of PGNiG shares free of charge. You will receive 750 million of a total of 5 billion shares. Consequently, the share of the Ministry of Treasury drops to 72.05 percent.


The company is since 2010 sponsor and namesake of the top Polish Handball League Men's, PGNiG Superleague mężczyzn.