Poradz, Åšwidwin County

Poradz ( German Peter field ) is a village in the Polish West Pomeranian Voivodeship.

Geographical location

The village is about 30 kilometers south of Kolobrzeg ( Kolberg) in Pomerania. Neighboring villages, four kilometers north Dębica ( Damitz ), five kilometers northeast Słowenkowo ( Neugasthof ), five kilometers southeast Stare Ślepce (Alt Schleps ) and five kilometers south Powalice (Peter Hagen). To the west of the village lies the forest, behind the villages Bukowo ( Buchenwald) and Kamien Rymański ( Hohenfier ).

The times associated with Peter field living space Kalina ( dairy farm ) is located about one kilometer east of the village, the living space Drzeń ( Dryhn ) about two kilometers to the south.


Peter was the field until the end of the 19th century Vorwerk of the manor in Peter Hagen, the largest Gutsbetriebes in Kolberg- Körlin circle. Brueggemann mentions it in his description of Peter Hagen only briefly as "the Peter Schäferey field, formerly called the Heideschäferey ". In Peter the field dwelt some of the day-laborer families.

As 1891/1893 the manor was divided Peter Hagen, Peter field was sold and managed separately by the acquirer as a separate commodity. But in 1903 it was foreclosed and acquired by two Berlin merchants. This could also purchase the adjacent Dryhn 1910, also managed a former Vorwerk by Peter Hagen and since 1891/1893 as an independent asset. Peter Dryhn field and were now parceled out of them, it emerged 27 pension assets and the remaining goods Dryhn and Peter field.

The political order was followed by economic development: Peter field originally belongs to Gutsbezirk Peter Hagen. In 1900, a separate Gutsbezirk Peter field with an area of 2375 ha was formed. After parceling from 1910, the rural community of Peter the field was formed in place of the Gutsbezirks.

With the abolition of estate districts in Prussia in 1928 finally was also the neighboring Gutsbezirk dairy farm, which included a workers' colony, integrated into the rural community of Peter the field. By 1945, the rural community of Peter the field belonged to the Kolberg- Körlin Pomerania.

1936 Peter the field an airfield was built. During the Second World War, the Empire acquired the remaining goods Peter Dryhn field and to plant an artillery firing range.

After the Second World War came Peter field, how very Pomerania to Poland. The place was given the Polish name Poradz.

Development of population figures

Administrative structure

Poradz lies in the Gmina Slawoborze (Town Stolzenberg ) in the powiat Świdwiński ( Schivelbeiner circle) of the Polish West Pomeranian Voivodeship.