Porsche 912

The Porsche 912 is a sports car, the Porsche built from 1966 to 1969 as an entry model. Appeared in 1975 as a new edition of the Porsche 912 E, which, however, was only intended for the U.S. market.

History of development

The Porsche 911 was to be the successor of the Porsche 356. However, production of the 356 ended only in 1965. Up to this point, the 911 and the 356 were marketed in parallel. This was due to the large difference in price between the two vehicles. So after cessation of production of the Porsche 356 also less financially strong customers could continue to afford a Porsche, a weaker variant of the Porsche 911 was brought to market with the Porsche 912.

This car had taken a six- cylinder engine, a four-cylinder engine from the Porsche 356 in the rear. This engine delivered 66 kW (90 hp) from a displacement of 1.6 liters.

The equipment of the 912 was easier than its big brother 911 It so as not five, but only three round instruments were offered in the basic equipment - at a clock and the instrument cluster had to give a 912- driver. This shortcoming has been rectified but the model change 1966/67.

The 912 was produced in the body styles coupe and Targa until the summer of 1969.

Porsche 912 E

In the 1976 model year, a new Porsche was offered 912 E entry level exclusively on the U.S. market. The reason: the production of the VW - Porsche 914 had been set, the new Porsche 924 was not yet available for America.

Was powered by a derivative of the engine, which also had the 914 2.0 driven: an air-cooled four-cylinder boxer engine with 2.0 liter displacement. In the 912 E came however in contrast to the D -Jetronic 914 of a Bosch L-jetronic fuel injection is used. This had previously been used in the 914 1.8 -liter engine for the U.S. market. The engine was abgasentgiftet in 912 E, compacted with 7,6:1 significantly lower than the 914, adjourned regular gasoline and made 66 kW (90 hp) at 4900/min, other sources even speak of only 86 hp SAE. The machine was different than in the original 912 no Porsche engine, but the also known as " flat engine " type -4 engine from Volkswagen. Originally (surely with Porsche development aid) developed for the VW Type 4 ( = 411/412 ), spurred other variants of this engine and the VW buses and vans ( VW Type 2 ) of the second (T2 ) and third ( T3) generation, where they were replaced in 1982 by the so-called "Water Boxer ".


The Porsche 912 was produced from model year 1965 to 1969. The Porsche 912 E was in the 1976 model year exclusively for the U.S. market (production number: 2099 ) produces:

Graphical representation of the 912 development