Professional Darts Corporation

The Professional Darts Corporation ( PDC) is next to the World Darts Federation of the World Dartverbände, the PDC is considered the more prestigious of the two.

The PDC was founded in 1992 to compete with the British Darts Organization began as the World Darts Council ( WDC ). Substantial contribution to the establishment had the television channel Sky Sports who wanted to take up the sport of darts in his program, the previous competitions but were seen at the BBC.

Since 1994, carries the PDC each turn of the year their World Professional Darts Championship -called World Cup, which will be pursued in the UK of around 2 million viewers. Since the World Cup 2005, this is also broadcast on German television SPORT1.

From 2006 there is also an offshoot of the PDC in Germany, the German Darts Corporation ( GDC), from the 2009 PDC Europe emerged.

Since 2008, the European Darts Championship, where take the best European dart players against the best players in the Order of Merit. She will always be played when the month changes from July and August. Record winner Phil Taylor has been four times European Champion.

Official Supplier of the PDC is the company Unicorn Darts.

PDC World Ranking

The PDC is to determine the best darts player in the world. However, only the players are listed in the list that are in the PDC under contract. The official Rankierung done by the PDC Order of Merit.

Calculation and peak

By 2007, the courts were awarded on the basis of the achieved points. The points, however, were to pick only the PDC tournaments. Colin Lloyd has long been the number one in the PDC world rankings before Phil Taylor. But this was only because that Taylor had attended more to Dartshows and demonstrations, where indeed there were to earn no points, but a lot of money.

Since 2 January 2007, the PDC is on their new world rankings, the so-called "Order of Merit " switched. Here, the ranking position is no longer determined as before in the light of points, but due to the accumulated earnings of the last two years. This led to a change at the top of the world rankings. The former No. 1 Colin Lloyd slipped to position 3 and Phil Taylor took by far the top position. Directly behind Taylor, there was the PDC world champion Raymond van Barneveld in 2007, the 2008 temporarily took over the top spot after only eleven months in the PDC.