Pyeongchang County

Pyeongchang (German literally means " peace and prosperity " ) is a district ( Pyeongchang -gun ) with 43 ​​706 inhabitants in the South Korean province of Gangwon -do, as well as an eponymous place ( Pyeongchang- eup ) in To him with 9,940 inhabitants. The county will be the venue for the 2018 Winter Olympics.


Pyeongchang is located approximately 130 km east of the capital Seoul, the biggest mountain range of the Korean Peninsula, the Taebaek Range, which extends across much of the East Coast. The Namhangang, the southern branch of the Hangangs, rises in the circle. Benefiting from a height of about 700 meters there are long and snowy winter. The Odaesan is a well known, national ski area, also there are several golf courses.

In the north Pyeongchang borders Hongcheon, on the northeast by Gangneung and on the east by Jeongseon. To the south lies Yeongwol, in the west Hoengseong.

Winter sports

In January 2007, the 18th Interski Congress was held in Pyeongchang. After Japan South Korea is only the second Asian country in which he was held. Through its applications for the Winter Olympics as well as the discharge of a Biathlon World Cup in February / March 2008 the mood for the Biathlon World Championships 2009 in Pyeongchang has acquired a certain reputation.

Most important ski area is the Yongpyong Ski Resort ( not to be confused with the rural community Yongpyeong -myeon ) in Daegwallyeong, which will also be the venue for the downhill and slalom run of the 2018 Winter Olympics. The area has 31 slopes, 15 ski lifts, a 3.7 km long cable car with the Dragon Plaza has the largest ski house in South Korea.

Olympic Winter Games

Pyeongchang competed for the first time for the 2010 Winter Olympics, but failed with 53 to 56 votes in the final round of voting against Vancouver. In the round of voting before Pyeongchang 51, ​​Vancouver received 40 and 16 votes Salzburg. A renewed bid to host the Winter Games in 2014 also failed, the games were awarded to Sochi in Russia.

A third application was ultimately successful in the award of the 2018 Winter Olympics to Pyeongchang sat by 63 votes in the first round against the applications from Munich ( 25 votes ) and Annecy (France, 7 Votes) by.

Administrative subdivision

The circuit comprises a small town ( eup ) and 7 rural communities ( Myeong ) with a total area of ​​1418.72 km ².


Among the tourist attractions of this circle the octagonal stone pagoda is one of nine levels on Woljeongsa Temple, which is located in the northern community Daegwallyeong in Odaesan Mountains. It is believed that this was built in the 10th century.