Racer X (band)

Racer X is a company established in the 1980s by Paul Gilbert American speed metal band. The band's name refers both to the music style as well as on a character from the anime Speed ​​Racer.

Band History


After Paul Gilbert had taken with the album Black Sheep Trouble in the Streets, he got from Mike Varney ( Shrapnel Records) which offer a solo album. To this end, he sought with Juan Alderete (bass ), Harry Gschösser (No Bros ) and singer Jeff Martin (ex Surgical Steel and St. Michael ), a line-up together and started the project Racer X. appeared in 1986, the debut album Street Lethal. Since the project was well received, Gilbert decided to continue it. After experimenting with Todd DeVito on drums Scott Travis later joined as a permanent drummer. Bruce Bouillet, a pupil of Gilbert, got in as second guitarist. Second Heat, the second album was released in 1987. This album is titled Moonage Daydream a cover version of David Bowie songs, as well as the hitherto unpublished Judas Priest song Heart of a Lion ( from the turbo phase) included.

In 1988, Gilbert Racer X left to the well-known rock bassist Billy Sheehan (including Dave Lee Roth), the hard rock band Mr. Big to launch. Racer X was continued without Gilbert. Chris Arvan replaced the guitarist for a short time and with Jamie Brown got a new singer. The release of an album failed to materialize at this time. Instead, a live album was released in 1988 under the title Extreme volume which has been recorded in the previous occupation. Shortly afterwards, the group breaks up.


While Paul Gilbert with Mr. Big is celebrating numerous achievements, including Scott Travis creates the final breakthrough. It rises, as a drummer of the legendary heavy metal band Judas Priest.

Reunification in 1999

In 1999, the group reformed in the classic lineup to Gilbert, Alderete, Martin and Travis. The album Technical Difficulties appeared in the same year under the major label Mascot Records. Just a year later appeared the next album with superheroes. It was followed by two live albums and Getting Heavier the third plant after the Reformation.

Music style

The early Racer X were a power and speed metal band. The first album reached cult status in the metal scene. The music was heavily influenced by Japanese metal this time, for example by the bands Loudness or Anthem. The music was very fast, but also sat on melodies. The second album Second Heat, however, relied on more commercial pieces, but also a more sophisticated songwriting. After the reunion, the group started again with a mixture of the fast tunes the early days, as well as more moderate pace. The following two albums, however, are based more on the sleaze rock or hair metal of the 1980s.