Rainbow Bridge (Texas)

29.9805 - 93.87030Koordinaten: 29 ° 58 ' 49.8 "N, 93 ° 52' 13.1 " W

TX 73, TX 87

Neches River

The Rainbow Bridge (English for "Rainbow Bridge") is a Gerber beam bridge over the Neches River in the southeast of the U.S. state of Texas above its confluence with the Sabine Lake. About them, the two State Highways TX 73 and TX 87 in Port Arthur in Jefferson County lead on the southwestern shore of the river to Bridge City in Orange County on the northeastern shore.

Construction of the bridge began in 1936 under the direction of the Texas State Highway Department. Due to concerns of the upstream city of Beaumont, that the bridge could be a hazard to ships, the Rainbow Bridge was built with a span of 210 m. It also has a clear height of 54 m. Thus, they would have been in a position to the highest then ship of the U.S. Navy, which, to allow USS Patoka happen between them, but this never happened.

The bridge was completed on September 8, 1938. The nearby town of Prairie View named because of the bridge at Bridge City ( " Bridge City ").

The bridge was originally called Port Arthur - Orange Bridge. It got its present name in 1957. The bridge is listed since 1996 on the National Register of Historic Places.

Veterans Memorial Bridge

In 1988, started the construction of the adjacent Veterans Memorial Bridge, a cable-stayed bridge. The bridge runs parallel to the Rainbow Bridge. She has a clear height of 43.5 m.

After completion of the Veterans Memorial Bridge, the Rainbow Bridge was closed due to renovations. Since its reopening in 1997, the Rainbow Bridge is passable only in a westerly direction, while the traffic in an easterly direction from the Veterans Memorial Bridge is unwinding.