Raymond II of Rouergue

Raimund I. (also Ramon or Raimundo and sometimes Raimund II ) ( † February 960/ 961 September 7 ) out of the house was Count of Toulouse Rouergue and Quercy Lord and Albi. He was the son of Count Armengol de Rouergue and the Adelaida.

Under his rule, Rouergue gained sovereignty over neighboring territories, so he sat by the title for himself marchio ( Margrave ) of Septimania. His territory EXTEND from Albi to Nimes, north to the Auvergne, and - at least to 960 - about the Limousin. He was the head of his family, whose senior branch possessed the county of Toulouse, and the most powerful Lord of Aquitaine, as the Duke he appeared since the year 936 - the last Duke his family before the title then finally went to the Ramnulfiden.

Despite its abundance of power his family seems to have been understood in his time in the descent. He gave Sancho V. a fief of Gascony and allowed that this feud after his death was allodial.

Raimund married his first wife, a daughter of an otherwise unknown Odoin, with whom he had several children. His second wife, he married Bertha, daughter of Boso, first Count of Arles, then Margrave of Tuscany, and Widow of Boso I, Count of Provence, with whom he had four sons: Raymond II, his successor in Rouergue, Hugo, Pons and Armengol.

Raymond of Rouergue was killed between February and September 7 960 961 on a pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela.