Count of Rouergue

In Kapitular of Quierzy 877 Charles the Bald confirmed the counts of Rouergue their possession. In the course of the 9th century this came into the possession of the county of Toulouse. Since Count Raymond II and the title of Duke ( Margrave ) of Septimania ( Gothia ) is connected with the possession of Rouergue.

  • Fulcoald, son of Dux Childebrand from Provence, Missus Regius in Rouergue or Nîmois
  • Fredelo, † probably 852, whose son, Count of Toulouse Bernard, M. de Rouergue, whose son

Through the marriage of Joan with Alfons de Poitou, the son of King Louis VIII, the Rouergue is associated with the French royal domain.

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