Real Murcia

The Real Murcia Club de Fútbol is a Spanish football club based in Murcia. The team is also under the name Los Pimentoneros (about: The pepper - men) known, since this is a typical vegetable cultivation and export product of the Region of Murcia.


The club was founded in 1908 as Real Murcia CF. In the season 1922/23, the club was the title of Real ( Royal) of Alfonso XIII. confirmed. Initial successes were celebrated, as they took part in a row at the final round of the Spanish Championship in the years 1926 to 1928 for three years. 1940 Real Murcia rose for the first time in the Primera División and changed its name to Club Real Murcia. Later, another name change followed in CF Real Murcia.

After the club was relegated to the Segunda División in the summer of 2008, he had following the 2009/10 season after a disappointing 20th place in the table, even the aisle in the Segunda División B take. In the season 2010/11 but managed an immediate return to the Segunda División.


The home matches of Real Murcia were held 1924-2006 at La Condomina Stadium. In October 2006 the club moved to the newly built, and on the outskirts, Stadium " La Nueva Condomina " (capacity 31,179 seats).

League membership

  • La Liga: 18 seasons 1940/41; 1944/45-1946/47; 1950/51; 1955/56; 1963/64-64/65; 1973/74-74/75; 1980/81; 1983/84-84/85; 1986/87-88/89; 2003/ 04; 2007/ 08

Former notable players

  • Romania Lucian Bălan
  • Argentina Roberto Oscar Bonano
  • Greece Konstantinos Khalkias
  • Spain Enrique Collar
  • Spain Sergio Escudero
  • Argentina Juan Esnáider
  • Iván Hurtado Ecuador
  • Germany Markus Kreuz
  • Spain Marquitos
  • Spain Ramón Marsal
  • Romania Catalin Munteanu
  • Germany Andreas Reinke

Known coach

  • Slovakia Ferdinand Daučík
  • Hungary László Kubala Czech Republic Spain
  • Spain Hungary Ferenc Puskás
  • Spain Antoni Ramallets
  • Wales John Toshack
  • Spain José María Zárraga
  • Spain Javier Clemente