Red Bull RB4

David Coulthard at Red Bull RB4 at the Grand Prix of Canada

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The Red Bull RB4 was the fourth Formula 1 racing car of Red Bull Racing. The constructed of Adrian Newey car participated in all 18 races of the Formula 1 season in 2008 and was controlled by the Scots David Coulthard and the Australian Mark Webber. The V8 engine came from Renault RS27.

The Toro Rosso driver Sebastian Vettel got on 19 February the chance to RB4 of David Coulthard during the test day in Barcelona to go, as this had pinched a nerve. On this day, Vettel turned 110 laps and set the seventh fastest time. Mark Webber had at the end of this test day after 58 laps, only the 17th fastest time, tested on that day but also a new aerodynamics package.

Course of the season

The season started with a double failure of both cars. Webber was involved in a collision at the start and after 25 laps Coulthard collided with Felipe Massa. In the following five races Webber drove each time in the points while Coulthard had no points. With a third place in the next race in Canada Coulthard drove one of his first points finish of the season - it was also the only podium of a RB4. A race later, Webber took sixth place in the points again. The following four races both drivers made ​​no points. Again, it was Webber who cared for two more points standings. This was followed with a seventh place by Coulthard and an eighth place by Webber, which also were the last points standings of the season. The team finished the season as seventh in the constructors' championship and was thus still behind the sister team Toro Rosso.


Whereabouts after the season

A copy of the RB4 is at Hangar- 7, a multi -purpose building at Salzburg Airport, issued.