Repton is a municipality ( parish ) and an administrative district ( ward ) in the southern English county of Derbyshire in the South Derbyshire District. The place is located on the southern edge of Repton floodplain of the River Trent. At the 2001 census, 2,707 inhabitants were determined for the municipality and 4,635 for the County Repton.


Repton was the traditional burial place of the kings of Mercia, one of the Anglo-Saxon kingdoms in the early Middle Ages. 653 Repton was the starting point for the Christianization of the Midlands. After the Christianization of Mercia under King Peada a double monastery was set up under an abbess in Repton. The center is dominated by the church of St. Wystan (also St. Wigstan ). The crypt under the church was built in the 8th century and served as the tomb of the royal family. The following members of the royal family are buried here:

  • Aethelbald ( King 716-757 )
  • Beornrad ( King 757)
  • Wiglaf ( King 827-829 and 830-840 )
  • Wigstan ( King 840)

The mortal remains of the Mercian king Wigstans was buried after his assassination in 840 849 in the church and him were soon several miracles attributed. Repton thus became a place of pilgrimage. Wigstan was canonized later and the second patron saint of the church. Repton was after the Christianization of the original bishop's seat of the Midlands until the seat was transferred to Lichfield 669.

Repton School

In the buildings of a priory founded in 1172 in 1557 an independent Public School was founded after the secularization of the English monasteries under Henry VIII ( king 1509-1547 ). Well-known graduates of Repton School are:

  • Basil Rathbone (1892-1967), British- American actor
  • Harold Abrahams (1899-1978), Olympic champion in the 100 -meter run in 1924
  • Arthur Michael Ramsey (1899-1978), 1961-1974 Archbishop of Canterbury
  • Eric Maschwitz (1901-1969), entertainer, lyricist, writer and television producer
  • Edward Upward (1903-2009), writer
  • Douglas Cooper (1911-1984), collector, curator and art historian
  • Denton Welch (1915-1948), writer and painter
  • Roald Dahl (1916-1990), writer
  • Adrian Newey (born 1958 ), Technical Director of the Formula 1 team Red Bull Racing
  • Jeremy Clarkson ( b. 1960 ), Presenter, author and journalist

Well-known residents

  • Guthlac ( 673-714 ), hermit, a monk in the monastery of Repton and patron saint of archaeologists
  • Edward Upward (1903-2009), writer