Ricky Gervais

Ricky Dene Gervais ( born June 25, 1961 in Reading, Berkshire, United Kingdom ) is a British comedian, radio presenter, actor, writer, director and film producer.


Gervais is best known. Mainly by the award-winning BBC Two series The Office, in which he played the lead role (David Brent ) and together with his longtime friend and colleague Stephen Merchant wrote the script and directed In 2005, the second Merchant / Gervais- production started, the sitcom Extras, also at the television station BBC Two.

Gervais is also the author of a children's book series about the Flanimals and has an episode of the television series The Simpsons written.

Gervais lives in a partnership with Jane Fallon, and is an atheist.



After several transitional and temporary jobs, including an office job and briefly as manager of the rock band Suede ( before they got a record deal ), Gervais in 1996 began his career as a radio presenter on the London radio station XFM, this job lost, however, as the sender of the Capital Radio group was acquired. At XFM Gervais met Stephen Merchant. Along with Karl Pilkington developed the three a comedy format. In November 2001, Gervais returned, now made ​​famous by The Office, for a Saturday night radio show on XFM back. The show ran intermittently until January 2004. Afterwards Gervais took 18 months for other projects freely until he on 28 May 2005 or even along with Pilkington and Merchant hosted the show. Since 2006, more issues were published on the Internet as a podcast.


Gervais makes his television debut in September 1998 in the Channel 4 show Comedy Lab. Known to a wider audience, he was by his comedy segment on the show The 11 O'Clock Show on Channel 4 in early 1999, in which he replaced Ali G. Two years later, Gervais received with Meet Ricky Gervais his own comedy talk show, which, however, not received by the audience and has since been mocked by Gervais also. A self-produced in the years 1999 and 2000 Series pilot episode of The Office, produced along with his colleague Stephen Merchant XFM bought a little later by the BBC.

The Office

The first six episodes of the first season of The Office were first seen in July and August 2001 by a small audience. Word of mouth, repeats and DVD release, however, made ​​for a much larger audience for the second season, also consisting of six episodes that aired in September 2002. The second season was so successful that the show moved from BBC Two to BBC One for the last two episodes ( Christmas Specials ) in December 2003. In addition, The Office provided the template for various adaptations abroad - including for the German series Stromberg and the U.S. version of The Office with Steve Carell.


Gervais ' and Merchants second comedy project extras, a co-production of BBC and HBO. It was first aired on the BBC on 21 July 2005 and was seen in the fall of 2005 on HBO. In the sitcom are internationally well-known actors and musicians such as Ben Stiller, Patrick Stewart, David Bowie, Ian McKellen, Daniel Radcliffe and Kate Winslet to see. Gervais plays, as with The Office, the main role, the extras and later sitcom actor Andy Millman. Merchant and Gervais are directors, writers and producers of the series.

Life's Too Short

The rotated in a similar style as The Office sitcom was written by Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant. The idea originally came from Warwick Davis, who plays a fictionalized version of himself in the series. According to Gervais, it 's the show about "the life of a showbiz dwarf ". He and Merchant are to see themselves in guest appearances. The series was shown for the first time November 10, 2011 on BBC Two. The channel HBO, which produced the series along with the BBC, the U.S. rights secured and radiated from the series in 2012.


In April 2012, the pilot ran to Gervais new dramedy television series Derek, in which he plays an obviously mentally retarded nurse in a nursing home. The remaining six episodes were aired on Channel 4 in early 2013 and given a second season commissioned.


In 2003, Gervais went with his stand-up comedy program Animals on tour in the UK. The recorded show was also aired on TV and released on DVD. A year later the Politics tour. In 2007, he went under the title Fame on tour in 2009 with Science. Both tours were published just like their predecessors on DVD. Parts of Fame show are also seen in the computer game Grand Theft Auto IV, Gervais occurs there in the Comedy Club on ( digitized via motion capture ).

Filmography (selection)

  • 2007: Stardust ( Stardust )
  • 2008: Ghost Town ( Ghost Town)
  • 2009: The Invention of Lying ( The Invention of Lying )
  • 2010: Cemetery Junction
  • 2014: The Muppets 2: Most Wanted Muppets ( Muppet Most Wanted )

About conceived by him Monster Flanimals Gervais wrote four children's books so far. Rails are Flanimals, More Flanimals, Flanimals. The Story so Far and Flanimals of the Deep.

Video Games

Ricky Gervais ' virtual alter ego is also represented in Grand Theft Auto IV. There it occurs at a comedy club.


Gervais was at the beginning of the 1980 member of the band Seona Dancing, the two singles - Bitter Heart and More to Lose - published, but had no success.


In 2003 Gervais was chosen by the British newspaper The Observer as one of the 50 funniest British comedians.

In a survey from 2005, The Comedian 's Comedian, Gervais was voted by other comedians and other people from the comedy industry as one of the best comedians ever 50 in Britain.

Gervais has received a number of awards for his work on The Office, including a Golden Globe, as well as several BAFTA and British Comedy Awards. In April 2006, the Honorary Award of the Rose d'Or followed. For the comedy project extras he received his third Emmy in 2007 for Best Actor in a Comedy Series.

Also for his literary work Gervais was excellent. For the fourth volume of the series Flanimals Flanimals of the Deep, he won the Galaxy British Book Award in 2007.


  • For the animal rights organization PETA Gervais took on, along with singer Pink synchronization for a video against the use of fur. It also supports together with the World Society for the Protection of Animals Campaign of the Catalan public for an end to bullfighting in Catalonia.
  • 2010, 2011 and 2012 presented Gervais to host the Golden Globe Awards.