Rive Droite (Paris)

Rive Droite (French ) means Right Bank and refers to the area located north of the Seine of Paris.

In contrast to the Rive Gauche, where the intellectuals quarters are located, the Rive Droite the trade and finance is consecrated. There are, for example, the business district, the Quartier des Halles and " Le Sentier " and the Palais Brongniart called building which formerly housed the Paris Stock Exchange.

In 1313 they built the first bank stabilization, the Quai de Nesle (today Quai de Conti ) and the Quai des Grands Augustins, at the upper end of the Pont Saint -Michel was built as a stone bridge.

Names of shore road

Striking is the fact that have occurred since the October 26, 2003 largely ignored by the public renaming of the Quai du Louvre, Quai François Mitterrand in Paris six shore sections of the Rive Droite are named after former heads of state, from the west to the east:

  • Voie Georges Pompidou ( 16th arrondissement )
  • Avenue du Président Kennedy ( 16th arrondissement )
  • Cours Albert Ier ( 8th arrondissement )
  • Cours la Reine (named for Queen Marie de Medici, 8th arrondissement )
  • Quai François Mitterrand ( 1st arrondissement )
  • Quai Henri IV ( 4th arrondissement )

Districts of the Rive Droite

The " Rive Droite " includes the following districts:

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