Rwake is an American doom metal and sludge band from Little Rock, Arkansas, which was founded in 1996 under the name Wake.


The band was founded in 1996 under the name of Wake and consisted of singer Chris Terry, the guitarist Chuck Schaaf and Gravy, bassist Reid Raley, B ( Moog synthesizer, vocals, samples) and drummer Jeff Morgan. In September 1997 the band recorded their first songs, then a little later the first demo Xenoglossalgia: The Last Stage of Awareness followed. In addition, the band held their first appearances and also played outside of Arkansas. In December 1999 the band recorded their debut album under the direction of Steve Austin ( Today Is the Day ). The album was hardly driven, so it was mainly distributed as a self-produced CD - R during tours. In the following years, the band held a variety of appearances and also worked on new songs. In 2002 the band recorded the album Hell Is the Door to the Sun, which was released in the same year Retribute Records. For release of the album was followed by a tour through North America, along with Alabama Thunder Pussy. In 2004 the band went into the Volume Studios with producer Sanford Parker of Minsk the band to the next album If You Walk Before You Crawl You Crawl Before You Die, which was released on At a Loss Recordings. It was followed by appearances with Weedeater, Mastodon, High on Fire, The Hidden Hand and Meat Jack. In January 2006, the band signed with Relapse Records. Then the band played at SXSW Music Festival, before they again went to Parker's Volume Studios to record the album Voices of Omens. The album was released in February 2007, before the band went on tour in April along with Minsk. The rest of the year, and in 2008 the band went on a world tour. In 2011, appeared on Relapse Records Album rest


After the band move in doom metal and Sludge area and drew comparisons to bands like EyeHateGod and Buzzov * s. Robert Müller from Metal Hammer placed the music on Voices of Omens the two genres and found influences of bands like Neurosis and EyeHateGod. Also Thorsten tooth from the same magazine ranked the album the rest of sludge and doom metal to and described the music as " riffs Trudel from Neurosis, Iron Maiden and the Melvins ." The vocals of singer B was bloodcurdling, the songs that would go beyond the ten -minute mark, nothing in between are.