Sabine Braun

Sabine Braun ( born June 19, 1965 in Essen) is a former German track and field athlete, world champion, European champion and Olympic bronze medalist was twice in the heptathlon.

Her international sport career that lasted two decades, began in August 1983 with the European Junior Championships, she finished with a second place. In 1984 she took part in the Olympic Games in Los Angeles and finished sixth; at the Games in Seoul in 1988 she came to 14th place. In 1990, she won at the European Athletics Championships in Split, 1991 at the World Championships in Tokyo gold.

At the Olympic Games in Barcelona she reached the bronze medal behind Jackie Joyner - Kersee (USA) and Irina Belova (RUS ). It reached 6649 points (individual results: 13.25 s - 1.94 m - 14.23 m - 24.27 s - 6.02 m - 51.12 m - 2:14,35 min). Earlier this year, she had the all-around meeting Götzis, they decided a total of four times for themselves, their personal best with 6985 points scored (individual results: 13.11 s - 1.93 m - 14.84 m - 23.65 s - 6.63 m - 51.62 m - 2:12,67 min), the means to this day German record.

1993 Brown won at the World Championships in Stuttgart silver, and in 1994 she defended her title at the European Championships in Helsinki. At the Olympic Games in Atlanta in 1996, she was seventh. In 1997, she won two World Cup titles: at the World Indoor Championships in Paris in the pentathlon and at the World Championships in Athens in the heptathlon. In Athens, she started also in the long jump, but failed there in qualifying. A fourth place finish at the 1999 World Championships in Seville, where she missed the bronze medal by three points, and a fifth place finish at the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney followed the crowning glory of her career winning the silver medal at the European Championships in Munich in 2002.

Sabine Braun is 1,74 m tall and weighed in their active life of 65 kg. She was the first German athlete who had participated in five Olympic Games. She was trained by 1999 for 13 years of Gertrude Shepherd. First, they started for the LAV Dusseldorf, 1987 for the LG Bayer Leverkusen and then for the TV Wattenscheid 01 Athletics, for whom the qualified industrial clerk has worked as a junior trainer today. Sabine Braun's girlfriend is a former javelin thrower Beate Peters, from which it was cared for at the end of her career as a trainer.

2002 Sabine Braun was awarded the Rudolf Harbig Memorial Award.