Sam Shepard

Sam Shepard ( born November 5, 1943 in Fort Sheridan, Illinois as Samuel Shepard Rogers VII) is an American playwright and actor.

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Shepard grew up on a ranch in California. After a brief study of agriculture in the early 1960s he went to New York City. Here he came into contact with the theater and began to write his first pieces, which were first staged in small theaters off Broadway theater groups of students.

In the late 1960s he wrote the screenplay for the Michelangelo Antonioni film Zabriskie Point.

The music scene of the 1960s drew to Shepard. He played drums in the rock band Holy Modal Rounders and joined the Flower Power movement. In 1969 he married for the first time, in 1970 he became a father. He lived out of wedlock with the rock singer Patti Smith.

The early 1970s, went to London Shepard. There he wrote a number of pieces that have become underground successes. Among his friends during this period were the band members of The Who and The Rolling Stones. For a project of Mick Jagger, he played drums.

The mid-1970s, back in the U.S., Shepard worked with Bob Dylan together, played - the film so far only as a screenwriter attached - his first film roles, and went with Dylan and his Rolling Thunder Revue tour.

Sam Shepard met in 1982 during the filming of the movie Frances ( about the life of actress Frances Farmer ) Jessica Lange know; they were until 2010 a pair.

In addition, Shepard led 1994 Silent Tongue Director, the last film with River Phoenix.







  • Cowboys (1964 )
  • The Rock Garden (1964 )
  • La Turista (1967 )
  • Melodrama Play ( 1967)
  • Dog
  • Chicago
  • Cowboys # 2


  • Icarus ' Mother
  • The Tooth of Crime (1972 ): Two rock stars fight for their dominance on the charts, ultimately loses the aging rock star ( Hoss ) and the new ( Crow ) wins, it helps him his ability to adapt to trends and the adaptation of desired properties. The main reason of the aging rock star loses his rank, because it has an identity and not merely the image of a person that others see in him. Also, here many well-known rock tracks are incorporated and used to characterize the two protagonists. Shepard has contributed with his band even pieces for drama - the drama should always be performed with a band on the stage; so how in the world premiere in 1972 in the "Open Space" in London. 1976 appears the new version of The Tooth of Crime 2nd Dance; it contains new music compositions.
  • Geography of a Horse Dreamer (1974 )
  • Cowboy Mouth ( 1976) ( co-written with Patti Smith)
  • Angel City (1976 )
  • Seduced (1977 )
  • Curse of Starving Class (1978, German title: Curse of the Starving Class )
  • Suicide in B flat (1978 )
  • Buried Child ( German title: Buried Child)


  • True West
  • Fool for Love (1983 )


  • States of Shock
  • Simpatico