Santa Ana del Yacuma

Santa Ana del Yacuma (short: Santa Ana ) is a small town in the Beni Department in the South American Andes State of Bolivia.

Location in near space

Santa Ana is the seat of the administration of the province Yacuma and central place of the district ( bolivian: Municipio) Santa Ana. The city lies at an altitude of 147 m at the mouth of the Río Rapulo in the Río Yacuma and is bounded on three sides by these two rivers. A few kilometers downstream ends of the Río Yacuma in the Río Mamoré.


Santa Ana is located in the Bolivian lowlands, its rivers belong to the basin of the Amazon basin. The region belongs to the area of the semi-humid tropics, the climate is hot and humid for most of the year.

The average annual temperature is 27.3 ° C, the monthly values ​​vary only slightly between 25.5 ° C in June / July and 28.3 ° C in October / November. The annual rainfall at 1645 m are roughly twice as high as in Central Europe. A short dry season from June to August with monthly values ​​of less than 35 mm is compared with a moisture time to March identifies precipitation values ​​greater than 200 mm of December.

Traffic network

Santa Ana is located 150 kilometers northwest of Trinidad, the capital of the department.

From Trinidad from the paved highway Ruta 3 introduces a few kilometers to the west towards San Ignacio de Moxos, branch off to two unpaved country roads to the north: the Ruta 9 through San Ramón to Guayaramerin, and the Ruta 902 to Santa Ana del Yacuma. The 902 reached after 135 km, the provincial capital, Santa Ana and continues north to Exaltación.


The population of the city is still increased significantly in the 1980s, but since then it has stagnated: