Beni Department

-14- 65Koordinaten: 14 ° S, 65 ° W

The Beni Department is located in northeastern Bolivia, bordering Brazil. It extends in the flat lowlands of the Amazon basin over 213,654 km ² and has ( according to the 2012 census ) 425 780 inhabitants. Capital is Trinidad. Other cities are Rurrenabaque, Riberalta and Guayaramerín.

The climate is generally tropical warm and humid. During the winter (June / July), but it can by strong southerly winds, called Surazos that originated in Patagonia or Antarctica have occasionally come to drastic drops in temperature. Beni is rich in water, dotted with numerous lakes and many rivers, the vegetation consists mainly of tropical rainforests, and savannas. Main economic activities are agriculture, forestry and animal husbandry.


The inhabitants of the department has increased over the past six decades to around six times:

249 152 Of the 362 521 inhabitants of the Beni Department at the time of the census of 2001, there were 113 369 in urban and in rural areas. 32.75 % of the population over 15 years old ( 27.79 % in urban and 44.65 % in rural areas ) counted himself amongst the members of Native American peoples. Data from the 2001 census, according to rule 97.41 % of the population over 6 years old, the Spanish language ( 99.00% in urban and 93.73 % in rural areas ).

Breakdown by provinces

Beni is divided into eight provinces:

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Comprehensive income in the regional elections of April 4, 2010 at Beni Department: