Scottish Football League

The Scottish Football League called the second to fourth Football League in Scotland. These consist of the SFL First Division, Second Division of the SFL and SFL Third Division.

Since July 2007, the League Irn- Bru named Scottish Football League after the conclusion of a sponsorship with AG Barr.

Founding members

The first season of the SFL took place in the 1890/91 season. The following teams were founding members:

  • Abercorn FC
  • FC Cambuslang
  • Celtic Glasgow
  • FC Cowlairs
  • Dumbarton FC
  • Heart of Midlothian
  • Glasgow Rangers
  • Renton FC
  • FC St. Mirren
  • Third Lanark
  • FC Vale of Leven

From the founding members only Celtic never got off. Although Glasgow Rangers also rose from never athletic, became the 2012/2013 season, however, forcibly displaced due to bankruptcy in the Scottish Football League Third Division. At least Heart of Midlothian and FC St. Mirren also play in the Scottish Premier League. Of the other clubs FC Dumbarton is only represented in the Scottish league system - in the SFL Third Division. All other clubs have either dissolved or play in leagues outside the SFL.


After the establishment

The league was initially founded in the 1890s to manage the football in Scotland better and better organize because of the growing number of new teams. In the first season, the Glasgow Rangers and FC Dumbarton were tied on top. Since you did not go according to goal difference, a play-off game was played. This game ended 2-2, so that both were equally declared champion. For six months, they were given the trophy presented.

First changes

As the football league enjoyed great popularity it was expanded in 1893 and expanded by a second division - especially by teams of Scottish Football Alliance. Through the events of the First World War, the Second Division was decided to dissolve and set the game mode to 1921 a completely. Subsequently, the Central Football League was introduced as a new league with automatic advancement.

Expansion and restructuring

In 1923, the SFL was first added to a third league, but this failed after only three years after a financial disaster. Until 1946 it therefore remained at two leagues. Only after the Second World War Second Division was reinstated. The leagues have now been called A, B and C. Also reserve teams were allowed to compete in the C- League. As early as 1949, the C- Division was expanded into two divisions - North West and South East. From 1955 until the founding of the Premier League in 1975 was played again with two leagues.

Introduction of the Premier League

The new Premier League SFL automatically expanded again to the three leagues system. This consisted of Premier, First and Second Division. Meanwhile came a new team in the league - Meadowbank Thistle - the third team from the capital city of Edinburgh, which moved in 1995 and became the Livingston FC. As of 1994, the SFL was divided into four leagues à ten teams. It came Inverness Caledonian Thistle and Ross County in the Football League.

The last years

In 1998, the first division separated from the SFL to call the Scottish Premier League to life. The SPL was now the first division, while the SFL only of First, Second and Third Division consisted. The Premier Division has not been replaced, but the other leagues maintained each its name.

When the SPL was increased to twelve teams in 2000, the SFL two new teams from the Highland Football League took on with Elgin City and Peterhead FC. With 42 teams - twelve in the Scottish Premier League and ten in the three Scottish Football League divisions of the Scottish professional football reached a record participation.

Ascent and Descent

Each season gets the champion of the First Division the opportunity in the Scottish Premier League to ascend. This is bound to some criteria. Among other things, fully equipped with seats in the stadium club ownership must since March 2005, 6,000 spectators comprehensive to be. Also, a soil heating must exist. For this reason, the FC Falkirk 2003 failed despite the championship in the First Division on the rise - then the minimum capacity stood at 10,000 seats. Meanwhile, Falkirk has a new 7,000 spectators comprehensive stadium which meets the new requirements and was able to in the 2004/2005 season but still ascend to the SPL. The last of the SPL descends into the First Division when a aufstiegsberechtiger club champions of the First Division is.