Seehausen (Verbandsgemeinde)

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The community association Seehausen ( Altmark) was born on 1 January 2010 in the district of Stendal, in Saxony- Anhalt. Since unitary councils may have a maximum of eight member municipalities, each with at least 1,000 inhabitants, there was the same day the following changes:

  • Merger of the municipalities Boock (287 inhabitants), Bretsch (631 inhabitants), Gagel (125 inhabitants), Heiligenfelde (222 inhabitants), Kossebau (260 inhabitants), Losse (120 inhabitants) and Lückstedt ( 548 inhabitants) to the municipality Altmärkische height ( 2,193 inhabitants)
  • Merger of the municipalities Falkenberg ( 265 inhabitants), Lichterfelde (272 inhabitants), Neukirchen ( Altmark) (264 inhabitants) and Wendemark (226 inhabitants) to the municipality Altmärkische Brushes ( 1,027 inhabitants)
  • Merger of the municipalities Gollensdorf (293 inhabitants) and large Garz (732 inhabitants) to the municipality Zehrental ( 1,025 inhabitants)
  • Merger of the municipalities Aulosen (234 inhabitants), Krüden ( 682 inhabitants), Pollitz (274 inhabitants) and Wanzer (116 inhabitants) to the new community Aland ( 1,306 inhabitants)
  • Incorporation of the communities Beuster (501 inhabitants), Geestgottberg ( 382 inhabitants) and Losenrade (157 inhabitants) in the Hanseatic city of Seehausen ( Altmark), whose population increased from 4,015 to 5,055

The churches were also managed from this point Wahrenberg (348 inhabitants) and Schoenberg (513 inhabitants), but were not part of the community association. On September 1, 2010 Wahrenberg were incorporated to Aland and Schoenberg Seehausen ( Altmark).

The population figures given are based on the 31 December 2008.


The municipality is located southwest of the Elbe river in the Altmark and Wipe.

Member communities

To the municipality Seehausen ( Altmark) include the following five member communities:

  • Aland Aulosen, Großholzhausen, Small Wanzer, Krüden, Pollitz, Scharpenhufe, Large Tree, Voßhof, Wanzer, Wahrenberg and Wilhelminenhof
  • Altmärkische height with Boock, Bretsch, Dewitz, Drüsedau, Einwinkel, Gagel, Heiligenfelde, Kossebau, Losse, Lückstedt, New World, Priemern, stack and Wohlberg
  • Altmärkische Wipe with Falkenberg, Ferchlipp, field lights, Neukirchen ( Altmark) and Wendemark
  • City Seehausen ( Altmark) with Behrend, Beuster, Esack Geestgottberg, Gehrhof, Losenrade, Nienfelde, Upper Kamps, Ostorf, Scharpenlohe, Schoenberg, settlement forest peace, Uhlenkrug, sub Kamps, Wegenitz and Werder
  • Zehrental with Bömenzien, German, Drösede, Gollensdorf, United Garz, Haverland, Jeggel and Lindenberg


Coat of arms

The coat of arms was approved on November 28, 2011 by the county.

Blazon: " Divided by silver and green; forward a gold reinforced, half red eagle at the gap with knocked- red tongue, catching accompanied by a green Seeblatt; back between two silver wave beams five star-shaped, split golden diamonds. "

The colors of the municipality are Red - White.

The coat of arms was designed by Thomas Hundisburg Rystau.


The flag is red and white (1:1) striped ( horizontal format: strip horizontally extending, longitudinal Format: strip running vertically ) and the center occupied by the municipality coat of arms.


By municipality, the federal roads lead 189 and 190 in Geestgottberg and Seehausen there are stations on the line of the Magdeburg -Wittenberg ash railroad.