Shawn Crawford

Shawn Crawford ( born January 14, 1978 in Van Wyck, South Carolina) is an American track and field athlete. He was 2001 World Indoor Champion and 2004 Olympic gold medalist in the 200 -meter run. 2013 he has been banned for violating the doping regulations.


Crawford was one of the world's best sprinter since the 2001 season. He was world class times over 100 m and 200 m. However, his greatest success he celebrated on the 200 - meter track. It was established in 2001 in Lisbon World Indoor champion. At the World Championships in Edmonton, he won the bronze medal over 200 m. In 2003 he retired from the World Indoor Championships in the flow.

2004 Crawford won at the World Indoor Championships in Budapest silver medal in the 60 m. At the Olympic Games in Athens, he went to to win three medals: the 100m, 200m and the 4 x 100 - meter relay. The first start of the 100m brought him only the fourth place behind Maurice Greene. About 200 m he could be his favorite position justice. He won the gold medal with one of the best times ever run: 19.79 See the 4 x 100 - meter relay should be on the last day of the athletics competitions in Athens bring the second gold medal, but the U.S. quartet was sensational defeated by the British relay, and Crawford received a silver medal.

2005 Craword launched at the World Championships over 100 meters, but bowed out of. At the Olympic Games in Beijing in 2008 Crawford won the silver medal over 200 meters, and at the 2009 World Championships in Berlin, he was over the same distance in fourth. It was 2001, 2002, 2004 and 2009 U.S. champion over 200 m. In the hall he won in 2004 over 60 m.

After Crawford had violated three times within 18 months of the reporting obligation of residence resort, to be available for doping tests, he was locked in April 2013 by the U.S. Anti -Doping Agency USADA for two years.

Shawn Crawford is 1.81 m tall, weighs 80 kg, and trained with Bob Kersee. In 2010 he married the hurdler Ginnie Powell. He studied amusement park and tourism management and also made ​​headlines when he held a 100 - meter race for an American TV channel against a giraffe and a zebra 2003. Against the giraffe he could win against the zebra he lost.

Personal Best

  • 60 m: 6.47 s, February 28, 2004, Boston
  • 100 m: 9.88 s, June 19, 2004 Eugene
  • 200 m: 19.79 s, August 26, 2004, Athens Hall: 20.26 s, March 10, 2000 Fayetteville