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Sherbrooke is a city in the Canadian province of Quebec and the capital of the administrative region of Estrie. The city has 154 601 (mainly French-speaking ) population, it lies at the confluence of the rivers Saint- François and Magog.

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Sherbrooke has a continental climate ( Effective climate classification: Dfb), which is characterized by cold, snowy winters and hot, humid summers. The highest temperature ever measured in Sherbrooke was 33.7 ° C in July 1983, and the lowest was -40 ° C in February 1979. More extreme values ​​occurred on 26 August 1975, when 98 mm of rain, the highest rainfall value registered for a day was, on 24 February 1994 when 41 inches of snow fell and the highest snowpack was measured in March 1971, when 135 cm. The average snow depth reaches the end of February with 41 cm on average its highest value.


As the official founding year of the city is now 1802, when Gilbert Hyatt, an American Loyalist, built a mill at the confluence of the rivers Magog and Saint -François. Originally the settlement was called after its founder Hyatt 's Mills, but then changed in 1818 in honor of John Coape Sherbrooke, the outgoing Governor General of Canada, its name. Today Sherbrooke was January 1, 2002 through a merger of the old with the cities of Sherbrooke Bromptonville, Fleurimont, Lennoxville and Rock Forest and the communities Ascot, Deauville and Saint- Élie - d'Orford.

Originally, the population was largely in English. Lag of the French-speaking portion in 1851 at only 16%, so it was in 1898 already 59%. Today Sherbrooke is a mostly French-speaking city, but it is, for example, out of Montreal, the only place in the province of Quebec, in which an English-language daily newspaper and university are located.

Education and Research

In Sherbrooke, the University of Sherbrooke are ( teaching French language ) and the Bishop's University ( taught in English ). As a precursor to visit these universities the three CEGEP " Séminaire de Sherbrooke ", " Cégep de Sherbrooke " exist ( Language French) and the " Champlain College Lennoxville " (connected to the Bishop's University ).

Culture and sights

Museums and theater

At museums Sherbrooke, the natural history " Musée de la nature et des sciences " and show the art museum " Le Musée des Beaux -Arts ", further houses the Université de Sherbrooke, the " Galerie d' art du Centre culturel ". At theaters, there are two smaller " Théâtre Granada " and " Le Petit Théatre " performances also take place in the in the aforementioned " Galerie d' art du Centre culturel " harbored " Salle Maurice- O'Bready ".


In the center is the Cathedral " Saint -Michel ", which was modeled on the Paris Notre -Dame. In the immediate vicinity is also the " Hôtel de ville de Sherbrooke ", completed in 1906, the present Town Hall. One of the most striking buildings also include the school building of the private school " Le Séminaire de Sherbrooke ".

Hôtel de ville de Sherbrooke, the town hall


Sherbrooke is home to the Ice Hockey Club Saint- François de Sherbrooke, which plays in the Quebec League LNAH. In the 2005/2006 season the team was able to win the championship for the first time. With the " Les Expos de Sherbrooke " is also a baseball team based in the LBSEQ ( Ligue de baseball senior du Québec ) is represented.

In the summers of 1977 and 1995, Sherbrooke was the venue of the provincial Youth Games Jeux du Québec. In January 2009 the Junior World Championships in short track speed skating took place in Sherbrooke.

Economy and infrastructure


The " Société de transport de Sherbrooke " (STS ) provides a bus network that covers all parts of the city. For students of the "Université de Sherbrooke " and students of the " Cégep de Sherbrooke " the ride is free.

Sherbrooke has the " Aéroport de Sherbrooke " also has a small airport outside of the city, a day depart from which two flights to Toronto or received from there.

Established businesses

Due to its status as a university town, the university sector is the largest employer in the city. From the private sector have Nordia, Fédération des caisses Desjardins du Québec and Kruger larger offices in Sherbrooke, the furniture manufacturer Shermag 's the largest private company, which has its corporate headquarters in the city.


The city is home to three private television CHLT (TVA ), CKSH (Radio -Canada ) and CFKS (V).

In Sherbrooke two daily newspapers appear: La Tribune ( French) and The Record ( English). In addition, on Saturdays also appear free dailies Le journal de Sherbrooke and La Nouvelle de Sherbrooke.


  • 088.1: CFPP, religious channels
  • 088.3: CFAK ( campus radio station of the Université de Sherbrooke )
  • 089.7: CBM -FM ( CBC Radio Two)
  • 088.9: CJMQ ( radio Campus of Bishop's University )
  • 090.7: CBFX Espace Musique
  • 091.7: CBME (CBC Radio One )
  • 093.7: CFGE Rythme FM succès de l' heure
  • 095.5: CFLX -FM, shared program
  • 098.1: CFGE Rythme FM
  • 100.3: CIRA -FM Radio Ville- Marie, religious channels
  • 101.1: CBF -FM La Première Chaîne, news, information
  • 107.7: CHLT -FM souvenirs Garantis
  • 102.7: CITE RockDétente, contemporary music for adults
  • 104.5: 104.5 CKOY CKOY, Pop Rock
  • 106.1: CIMO Energie, Pop Rock
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