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Slovio is one of the Slovaks Mark Hučko created in 1999, both orally and in writing to end -use plan language. At the same time it is a world auxiliary language, the speakers of Slavic languages ​​should allow for easier understanding. According to its inventor, the language is not only meant for the Slavs, but should be relatively easy to learn even for non-Slavs and serve as an alternative to existing constructed languages ​​such as Esperanto or existing primarily from Romanesque word stems Ido.

Since the vocabulary is based on the common basic lexical stock of the Slavic languages ​​, Slovio could be understood by over 400 million people, according to its inventor Hučko, without the need to have previously worked with the language.

There exists a - probably initiated by the inventor of the language itself - Online Portal ( " "), which is written entirely in Slovio and by 2010 was regularly updated. In the online portal sometimes radical, Slavic nationalist positions are taken. With the state in October 2007 Slovio contains over 44,000 words.


Slovio be represented with either Latin or Cyrillic characters. Here is the letter of the Latin alphabet using both with and without diacritical characters. The spelling remains the same.

Optional letter:


Sample text

Slovio in Latin and Cyrillic script:

German translation: