Space Jam

Space Jam is a Animations-/Fantasyfilm with the basketball legend Michael Jordan from the year 1996.


Little Michael Jordan raises the driveway of his home on a basketball hoop. He tells his father that he first play at college and later in the NBA basketball and then want to switch to baseball. During the opening credits, the most important stations are shown in Jordan's playing career. The following is an excerpt from the press conference, his exit from the sport of basketball is known in Jordan.

Meanwhile, somewhere in the universe: Swackhammer is the owner of the amusement park on the planet Moron Mountain. He is looking for new attractions because its visitors get bored. Therefore, it sends the Nerdlucks ( five small aliens ) on the earth to some Looney Tunes to kidnap. Upon their arrival, they learn Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck and each other. When the Looney Tunes learn of their plan, they laugh at the Nerdlucks. But the Looney Tunes soon realize that this is no joke. Bugs convinces the Nerdlucks that it is lawful to them to defend themselves. They call for the Nerdlucks on to a basketball game. This will see the Looney Tunes its superiority, since the Nerdlucks are very small and underdeveloped and can not move very fast. The Nerdlucks who do not know what basketball is to vote on the proposal. When they learn how to play basketball, you immediately think of a plan.

They steal the talent of some NBA stars (Charles Barkley, Patrick Ewing, Muggsy Bogues, Larry Johnson and Shawn Bradley ) and make it so they turn into gigantic monsters in itself. The Looney Tunes need the support of someone who is very well versed in the sport.

At the same time, the former basketball legend Michael Jordan playing with some friends ( including Bill Murray and Larry Bird ) Golf. When he wants to get the golf ball from the hole, he is drawn suddenly and can be found in Looney Tune land. Bugs' choice fell on Michael because he is one of the best basketball players in the world. Michael initially do not know what to do here and tells them that he is now a professional baseball player. However, when an unexpected confrontation occurs with the Nerdlucks and this Michael insult, he recognizes the seriousness of the situation and agrees to train the Looney Tunes. But he still needs his basketball clothes and his basketball shoes. Therefore, Daffy and Bugs make their way to his house to pick up the sports stuff. They are discovered by Michael's children. Bugs and Daffy they dedicate their plan, but tell them that they must not tell anyone about it.

At the same time, are physicians, psychologists and the NBA front of a mystery why the star players have lost their skills. These fall into depression and take part in CT, ECG, laser radiation, psychological sessions and even fortune tellers.

In the game between the Looney Tunes and the Nerdlucks who now call themselves MonStars seem to be no chance Michael and his team. Therefore Bugs grabs a trick to motivate his friends: he does so as if he takes an invincible -making drink. In truth, it is only water. Then its residue the tunes pick up again. Swackhammer who has come for the game on the earth, requires a time out and complains that the tunes have a man in their team. Michael Jordan proposes Swackhammer a deal: his team wins, the Nerdlucks his NBA colleagues have their talent back. Wins the MonStars Michael will be a living attraction on Moron Mountain for the rest of his life.

When only 10 seconds to play and threaten to win the MonStars with a dot, salvation comes from an unexpected source: Bill Murray offers itself as a player. With his help, Michael can still throw a basket in the last second.

The Looney Tunes win, one point ahead the game. The Nerdlucks shoot her boss with a rocket to the moon, and return the stolen talent. They ask the Looney Tunes to be allowed to stay with them. Michael Jordan returns to the spaceship of Nerdlucks back to the real world. After the five NBA players who get back their skills, it wants to know Michael Jordan once again, he is player of the Chicago Bulls again.


Space Jam is like Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Pete's Dragon, Mary Poppins, The daredevil flying witch in her bed and Cool World, another film, the cartoon with real actors (Bill Murray, Michael Jordan ) connects. Director Joe Pytka previously only known for directing numerous commercials.

The film offered a budget of over 80 million dollars. In the U.S. alone, the film played a $ 90 million. In Germany more than 2 million viewers in the cinema. In particular, the cost of merchandise were enormously high. So Bugs Bunny played alongside Michael Jordan in a Nike commercial with.

The film made ​​the singer R. Kelly with the song " I Believe I Can Fly " into a world star.


  • Encyclopedia of the International film: " a star player with the popular cartoon characters The marketable sensation pairing could be trusted in such a way that one little worried about the artistic realization. Despite technically perfect animation is the charm of the characters, which also give her feature film debut, fell by the wayside. "
  • TV Movie: " The meetings of the three - dimensional worlds and are masterpieces of engineering and been put any better in scene since Roger Rabbit. Especially the basketball passages seem almost real. Space Jam offers, despite the simple story, thanks to the Toons perfect entertainment for basketball philistines. "
  • "Basically, Space Jam is a very American. [ ... ] In general, the issue is more of an American Basketball matter and the Warner -Toons are just of different natures, so completely different from the beloved Disney characters. But therein lies the appeal of Space Jam. Nothing against the heartwarming cute Disney characters, but the anarchic part of Bugs and Daffy Duck is sure to also refreshingly different. "

Awards (selection)

  • Diane Warren and James Newton Howard were each awarded an ASCAP Award.
  • The Annie Awards the film won an award in the category Best Individual Achievement: Technical Achievement.
  • R. Kelly won three Grammy Awards for " I Believe I Can Fly ".


The German synchronization was commissioned by the Interopa Film GmbH in Berlin. The bracketed actor lent the comic characters in the original version, the voice, but are not seen in the film himself.


  • Quad City DJ's - Space Jam
  • R. Kelly - I Believe I Can Fly
  • Monica - For You I Will
  • Coolio - The Winner
  • Barry White & Chris Rock - Basketball Jones
  • Seal - Fly Like An Eagle
  • Technotronic - Pump up the jam