Surtees was a 1970-1978 active team in Formula 1

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Founder of team was the British Formula 1 World Champion of 1964, John Surtees, who with a Lola T70 and private team won the North American CanAm sports car series in 1966.

Later Surtees built their own cars for Formula 1

A total of 40 drivers drove for the team, but failed to qualify for a race only 30 of them, among them John Surtees, Alan Jones, Rolf Stommelen, Mike Hailwood, Jochen Mass and Helmut Koinigg. The latter crashed at the U.S. Grand Prix at Watkins Glen in 1974 fatal; it was the only fatal accident in a Surtees.

In 1978, the team, resolved despite an already finished car for the upcoming season due to financial difficulties.

The cars

Surtees sat eight different models in the race. All of these cars were equipped with Ford Cosworth engines.


The Surtees TS7 was the first of eight models, which were in a race to use. He was himself He drove in seven Grand Prix of the 1970 season and three of the 1971 season Designed by Peter Connew and John Surtees. Dangers this model was, inter alia, by John Surtees and Rolf Stommelen. The chassis was an aluminum monocoque with a total weight of 553 kg. The tank volume was 210 liters.


Successor of TS7 was the " Surtees TS9 ", also developed by Peter Connew and John Surtees. His first of 13 races had the TS9 in South Africa in 1971, his last in Austria in 1972. Riders were, inter alia, John Surtees, Mike Hailwood and Rolf Stommelen. After a reduction in tank size to 190 liters of TS9 weighed only 540 kg.


As a direct successor Surtees presented at the Grand Prix of Argentina 1972 " TS9B ". Dangers he was, inter alia, by Mike Hailwood, Andrea de Adamich and Tim giving. It was the most successful model, which was developed by the team. With a second place in Italy secured Mike Hailwood the best placement, a Surtees ever had. Overall, the TS9B 14 Grand Prix inserts drove. With a tank capacity of 190 liters of TS9B weighed 560 kg.


Only two race inserts graduated from the " TS14 " and thus the fewest inserts on all models. It was the first model to be developed John Surtees alone. After the first race in Italy in 1972 ended the racing career of John Surtees. The other application had Tim taverns in the U.S. in 1972. Both races were not run due to technical defects to an end.


For the season 1973 Surtees imagine the " TS14A ", a revised model of the TS 14 Carlos Pace, Mike Hailwood and Jochen Mass were the driver. In Austria Carlos Pace took third place with the second best race result of the company's history.


The " TS16 " drove over two years in Formula 1 However, the success of this model was extremely low. In 28 races there was only 2 points ( Carlos Pace, Brazil 1974). Driver for the TS16 were, inter alia, Carlos Pace, Jochen Mass and John Watson, who was driving the 1975 season almost alone for Surtees. This season, the team scored a single championship point. However, the saddest event in the history of the fatal accident was the young Austrian Helmut Koinigg in the ninth lap of the GP of USA 1974. Recent use of TS16 had the Divina Galica British woman at the GP of Great Britain. However, they came over the 107 % threshold does not exceed the qualifying.


Main article: Surtees TS19

38 Grand Prix drove the " TS19 " of South Africa from 1976 to 1978, Belgium in the premier class. Drivers were, inter alia, the later world champion Alan Jones, Henri Pescarolo, Brett Lunger and Vittorio Brambilla. The designer Ken Sears took over with John Surtees, the construction of the penultimate type of the team.


In the 1978 season came with the " TS20 " the last model of the Surtees team in Formula 1 A single championship point in Austria was the result of this season. Vittorio Brambilla, Rupert Keegan and René Arnoux were the last driver for the team. After the Canada -GP Surtees be moved for ever in Formula 1 back.

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