Ted Turner

Robert Edward "Ted" Turner III. ( Born November 19, 1938 in Cincinnati, Ohio) is an American media mogul.


Born on November 19, 1938 in Cincinnati Turner grew up in Savannah, Georgia, on. Until 1956 he attended the McCallie School in Chattanooga, Tennessee. After his studies, he received a diploma from Brown University in Providence. His father committed suicide in 1963 and Turner took over the management of the advertising company Turner Advertising Company (TAC). He proved himself as a successful businessman. In 1970 he started Turner Broadcasting System ( TBS) and led the company until 1996 as president. His television programs have been successful. He recognized early on the potential of cable television. His TBS was now seen across the United States. In 1980 he founded the news channel Cable News Network CNN and thus wrote media history. In 1985 he founded CNN International and laid the foundation for the dissemination of CNN in the world. Another station, Turner Network Television (TNT), was founded as a movie channel from him. CNN was famous worldwide with reports about the Gulf War of 1991. Since the transmitter lives on what's happening in the world.

End of the 1980s, Turner entered a new business field by went into the strong booming wrestling business.

Ted Turner made ​​himself a name as a successful regatta. So he won jointly with Dennis Conner in 1974 the America 's Cup for the United States on the sailing yacht Courageous (U.S. 26), designed by Olin Stephens. With his own yacht Tenacious he reached many regatta wins, among other things, he won the Fastnet Race in the Cowes Week in England. For his achievements in the context of the America 's Cup, he was accepted in 1993 as Inductee ( honorary member ) in the America's Cup Hall of Fame.

From 1991 to 2001, Ted Turner was married to actress Jane Fonda.

Ted Turner and Metro -Goldwyn -Mayer

After the attempt failed, to buy up the U.S. television channel CBS, Ted Turner took over in 1986 by Kirk Kerkorian for a purchase price of $ 1.5 billion, the Hollywood film studio Metro -Goldwyn -Mayer (MGM ) and its subsidiary United Artists.

Through the acquisition, Turner inflicted immense. The Texans had no choice other than portions of the acquisition to re-sell. At Kirk Kerkorian, the name and all trademark rights to Metro-Goldwyn- Mayer and almost the entire United Artists, including their film library, back sold. The former film studio MGM in Culver City went to Lorimar.

Turner retained all rights to the film library of MGM. These include almost all the films that were produced before 1986 by MGM. In addition, some United Artists films and held by United Artists Television rights, for example, on the television series Gilligan's Island, the Filmbliothek of RKO Pictures and the rights to the produced by Warner Bros. films before 1948. These were in the 1950s by the predecessor of the United Artists Television - have been bought - the Associated Artists Productions.

In 1986, the Turner Entertainment Co. was established in order to use all controlled by Turner film rights. This very large film library enabled the creation of both channels Cartoon Network and Turner Network Television.

Sale of the Turner Broadcasting System to Time Warner

In 1995, he merged with Time Warner and became vice president of cable operations. During the dot-com bubble AOL merged with Time Warner. Turner initially retained his post. On 29 January 2003 Turner resigned from his post.


Turner is a land of 8000 sq km (2 million acres, about half the area of ​​Thuringia ) 's second largest private landowner in the USA ( only John C. Malone has approximately 8500 km ² or more) - below that is a ranch in New Mexico with 2500 km ². Main purpose of the far -flung lands of the United States is his hobby, the bison farm. Turner holds around 50,000 animals approximately one seventh of the world stock of bison and is therefore the world's largest private bison breeders. He runs the grill restaurant chain Ted 's Montana Grill, with currently 46 restaurants (November 2011), in which, among other bison meat is served. The company advertises its environmental stance. Thus, a large part of the energy obtained from solar panels and going to the Restaurant Equipment is plastic -free to 99 %.

UN Foundation

Through a donation from Turner in 1998 by one billion U.S. dollars, the nonprofit United Nations Foundation founded. The objectives of the Foundation include, inter alia, payments of the U.S. Congress to the UN to improve.


1991 Turner was elected as the first media entrepreneur from the American Time magazine Man of the Year.

Ted Turner believes that global warming is caused by a too high population density. He argues in this regard for to regulate the world's population by a one-child family policy. Model for him is China. He was awarded the Emperor Has No Clothes Award from the Freedom From Religion Foundation, 2001.