The Buddy Holly Story

The Buddy Holly Story is an American biopic from 1978, the film adaptation of the biography of Buddy Holly. His Life and Music of John Gold Rose tells the last three years of the musician Buddy Holly, played by Gary Busey.


Radio host Riley Randolph believes in the talent of Buddy Holly, which occurs with his school band, The Crickets sporadically before a small audience in Lubbock, Texas. And despite all the warnings from family, friends and the church, that rock 'n ' roll is a threat to the youth, it allows Holly and his friends to record their first album in Nashville, Texas. But the first attempt goes wrong, because, contrary to their own opinion keep the local music producer for him to black and Elvis Presley too similar, which is why they want to squeeze Buddy Holly and the Chrickets in a corset from country music. Holly beats music producer with his fist in the face and believes that his music career is now finished. But meanwhile, sent Riley a secret mitgeschnittenes demo tape to New York City. There is this recording, even before the musicians have ever signed a contract as an album pressed and sold.

Having already earned $ 75,000 without a contract, they sign only on the condition to be able to produce their own albums, a record deal. Because their music, they are always held for African Americans, so they Theater in Harlem occur by accident, as the first white artist ever, at the venerable Apollo in front of black audiences. He wins the respect of the black community and is, for example, with Sam Cooke on tour. While Buddy Holly manages to win the love of the young Puerto Rican Maria Elena, he and his band earned a fortune. However, disputes within the band, after they could not agree on the place of residence entbricht, feel overwhelmed Jesse and Ray Bob Buddy Holly's presence and beat him during a dispute before the recording of the " Ed Sullivan Show" a tooth out.

The band breaks and Buddy Holly makes a solo artist on and takes his first album. On the advice of his manager, he goes on a tour last year and leaves his pregnant wife Maria Elena back. Jesse and Ray Bob surprise during the tour Maria Elena and tell her that they plan to play again with Buddy Holly. But this died after his last concert in Clear Lake, Iowa, along with Ritchie Valens and The Big Bopper in a plane crash, which became known as " The Day the Music Died" in the history of music.


" The Buddy Holly Story has only one kind of story, because in the B-movie action all crises and alleged villains were removed discreet. [ ... ] There are Gary Buseys wachrüttelnde individual performances, which gives meaning to an otherwise formless and bland film about the American rock 'n' roll legend, who died in a plane crash in 1959. "

" An entertaining musical film that does not idealized, but portrays a piece of living history and music in a friendly manner. "


Although the film indicates that Buddy Holly played the first white man at the Apollo Theater, this was in fact Jimmy Cavallo.


  • An award at the Academy Awards in 1979 for Best Film Music, and two nominations ( Best Actor, Best Sound )
  • A nomination at the Golden Globes for Best Actor - Comedy or Musical for Gary Busey
  • An award from the Los Angeles Film Critics Association Awards for Best Newcomer
  • An award from the National Society of Film Critics Award for Best Actor