Tina Karol

Tina Karol (Ukrainian Тіна Кароль, scientific transliteration Tina Karol ', born 25 January 1985 in Orotukan, Soviet Union) is a Ukrainian singer.


Under her real name Tetyana Liberman she took in 2005 with the song " Moshet bit because " at the preliminary rounds of the Ukrainian preliminary decision in part, without having to qualify for the final. Despite this first defeat, it was shortly afterwards by her stage name " Tina Karol " a national star. With appearances in Russia and the "New Wave" festival in Jurmala / Latvia they also went outside Ukraine a name. Due to their huge popularity of their participation in the actually for " beginners " imaginary talent show " Ti - approximate " / " You are a star" initially provoked not only enthusiasm. However, she convinced both by their vocal abilities as well as their stage presence. As expected, she reached the final, where they " am your queen I" recited their Euro Vision contribution and the remaining competitors Irina Rozenfeld ( " You give me your love" ) and Kirill Turichenko pointed ( "Boom Box") places 2 and 3. After their victory the song by DJ Pasha ( Pawlo Schilko, Moderator of the ESC 2005) was rewritten and presented as a "show me your love " in the semifinals and finals of the 51st Euro Vision Song Contest 2006 in Athens / Greece. Tina Karol reached the finals with 145 points 7th place, the third best result for Ukraine to Ruslana Lyschytschko (2004) and Serduchka (2007). Thus they secured their land to qualify for the ESC Finale 2007 in Helsinki / Finland. In 2006 they released their first CD, Show Me Your Love, on which, among other things ESC also their contribution is.

After completing his studies at the prestigious Kiev Gliere Music College Karol 2003 started her career as a singer in song and dance ensemble of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. One of the highlights of their previous artistic career was the use of troops to support the " coalition of the willing " in Iraq. In 2004 she was also elected to the beauty queen of the Ukrainian region of Galicia. Besides singing career, she is enrolled via distance learning at the National University of aircraft factory and is aiming for a degree in management and logistics.