Alyosha ( born May 14, 1986 in Zaporizhia, Ukrainian SSR, real name Олена Кучер Germanized, Olena coachman ) is a Ukrainian singer.

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Their first single, Right Beside of You was released in summer 2009 in Switzerland, and managed in the charts. The album The Right Side rose three months later at No. 67 and moved up to eighth place.

Participation in the Euro Vision Song Contest 2010

When Euro Vision Song Contest 2010 took Alyosha Ukraine. First, the singer performed in a new preliminary decision, which was necessary after the new program director of the NTU was not satisfied with the internal choice of the original representative Wassyl Lasarowytsch. In this new preliminary decision she went to with the song To Be Free, which ultimately could win. After the preliminary round, however, it turned out that To Be Free was published in 2008 and also was a plagiarism of Knock Me Out by Linda Perry and Grace Slick. Subsequently a new song had to be selected. The decision was made on 25 March on the environmental Sweet People. Since the new song was selected only after the so-called deadline, the NTU had to pay a fine, the amount of which was not reported to the public.

The English text of the song Sweet People was written by the singer herself and the music she composed together with their sound producer Boris Kukoba. She reached the final, where she finished in tenth place at the Euro Vision Song Contest in Oslo. After that, they visited Germany for some concerts to promote their music. In May Sweet People debuted at # 73 in the German single charts. Moreover, all of Belgium (place 60 ) and in the Czech Republic ( 14th) in the charts.



  • 2009: The Right Side
  • 2011: Alyosha


  • 2009: Right Beside of You
  • 2010: To Be Free
  • 2010: Sweet People