Ani Lorak

Ani Lorak (Ukrainian Ані Лорак; born September 27, 1978 in Kizman, Chernivtsi Oblast; actually Karolina Myroslawiwna Kujek - Кароліна Мирославівна Куєк ) is a Ukrainian singer. She represented her native country at the Euro Vision Song Contest 2008 in Belgrade and this took second place behind Dima Bilan.


Ani Lorak was as Karolina Myroslawiwna Kujek born in Kizman in the Chernivtsi Oblast, 1978. Her father worked as a journalist for the local newspaper Kizmaner and had trained as a choral conductor and a philology studies completed at the University of Chernivtsi. Loraks mother had visited the School of Culture and worked as a radio announcer. Her parents divorced when Lorak was a child. She grew up with three older brothers. The eldest died in 1987 in Afghanistan.

Lorak already knew at the age of 4 years that she wanted to be a singer. As a child she participated in many school competitions. In 1992 she took part in the popular festival Perwozwit part (Eng. ' Primrose ') in Chernivtsi and won the competition. There, she met the producer Yuri Faljossa ( Юрій Фальоса ), and be signed her first contract, at that time still under the name Karolina.

Under the stage name Ani Lorak, the singer was announced in March 1995. At the time she took part in a competition on Russian television " Утренняя звезда -95 " (Eng. ' Morning Star '). In Moscow there was already a singer who called himself Carolina. The stage name Ani Lorak was created as a backward -read version of her first name ( ananym ).

2008 Lorak celebrated its fifteenth anniversary on stage. It is one of the most popular singers in Ukraine, and in her career, she won several awards. Also in 2008, she was from the Ukrainian television as an official candidate for the 53 Euro Vision Song Contest (ESC ) selected in Belgrade. Your title Shady Lady was determined by Ukrainian television audiences under four more songs and finished the ESC finals behind the Russian Dima Bilan took second place. For Lorak it was the first participation at the ESC. In 2004, she had to admit defeat in an internal secretion of the later winner Ruslana. In 2005 she was preferred to the group Green Jolly, who landed in 20th place at the Eurovision Song Contest in Kiev.

In addition to her successful singing career, she worked as an actress and is committed to AIDS - sick people, especially for HIV -positive children.

With the support of Ani Lorak two children's books have been published, " Як стати зіркою " (Eng. ' How do I become a star ') and " Як стати принцесою " (Eng. ' How do I become princess ').