Mika Newton

Mika Newton (Ukrainian Міка Ньютон; born March 5, 1986 in Burshtyn as Оксана Стефанівна Грицай, Oksana Stefaniwna Hryzaj ) is a Ukrainian singer.

Mika, who sang as a nine- year-old, was influenced by the rock singer Avril Lavigne. Together with her ​​band she released an album in 2005 and participated in the national preselection for the Euro Vision Song Contest 2005 part. In 2011 she represented her country at the Euro Vision Song Contest 2011 with the ballad Angel ( German: Engel) and took fourth place.

First, they had won the Ukrainian qualifying round on February 26, 2011. Then there was the Ukrainian media discussion about whether the preliminary round everything was received with the right things. The contribution of Mika Newton has been withdrawn until further notice. A new finale to be held on March 3. There they were to compete with Angel against Zlata Without Petrovitch with The Kukushka and Jamala with Smile. The latter, however, retired on March 1 because they did not want to be associated with manipulation and corruption. On March 2, also withdrew Without Malevich, so Mika Newton was certain as a participant in the international competition.

On 12 May 2011 she interpreted the English-language title for the second ESC semi-final in Dusseldorf, after she reached the in the two days later held the final. Newton was accompanied by Ksenija Symonowa, the paintings of sand "painted " in the background. The Ukrainian won with their sand paintings the talent show Ukraine 's Got Talent. In the final on 14 May Newton finished the victory of the Azerbaijani duo Ell and Nikki fourth place.