Tom Johnson (sound engineer)

Tom Johnson, alternatively Thomas Johnson and Tom ' Cougar ' Johnson, (born 20 century) is an American sound engineer and sound engineer. He twice won the Oscar for "Best sound mixing " and was nominated for six more in the same category.

With the science fiction film The Return of the Jedi, the sixth part of the Star Wars saga by George Lucas, Johnson gave his debut in 1983 as a sound engineer.

He was with Gary Rydstrom, Gary Summers and Lee Orloff for "Best sound mixing " in the science fiction film Terminator 2 1992 - excellent day of reckoning with the Oscar. 1998, the award went to him again and his colleagues Gary Rydstrom, Gary Summers and Mark Ulano for "Best sound editor " in the epic film Titanic.

I - Despicable Me 2 lists IMDb than before the last of 125 films, in which Johnson was involved.

Films with which he was nominated for an Oscar: