TP 52

The Transpac 52 (short or TP52 TP -52) is a specific class of racing yachts in carbon fiber construction. As a design class designers and teams certain dimensions and rules are prescribed, such as the maximum weight of the 14-member crew ( 1273 kg ). Despite its size the TP52 is fast, light and agile, the regattas are considered attractive.

Class Rules

The annual meetings of the owners, the class rules with the consent of a majority of 80 percent can be changed. This requirement ensures virtually ensure that the rules are hardly ever changed.


Since it is the race of fairly identical vessels in the TP -52- regattas, no complicated handicap system with subsequent time calculation ( cf. yard stick), it still counts even in the fleet race in real time: The ship, which was the first crosses the finish line wins. This makes it easier for the audience to understand the race and track; the races are equally attractive for sailors and spectators.


Is named the class after their initial regatta, the Transpacific Race Point Fermin near Los Angeles to Diamond Head on the Hawaiian island of Oahu (about 4121 km ), and by the length of the vessels of 52 feet.

Through the launch of a TP52 Med Fleet ( TP52 Mediterranean Fleet ) in connection with the execution of regattas in the Mediterranean ( Medcup, currently: Audi MedCup ) many European owners have come to the tastes of TP52. These include celebrities such as the Spanish King Juan Carlos I, his son Felipe and King Harald V of Norway. The European TP -52- races are jokingly referred to as "little America's Cup", as delivered with his glider on the TP52 their competitions. 2007 were about this: Christian Scherrer and Jochen Schumann (both formerly Team Alinghi ), Vasco Vascotto (Team Mascalzone Latino), Terry Hutchinson ( Team New Zealand ), John Kostecki (formerly Oracle) and Gavin Brady ( Oracle).