Two Weeks Notice

Two Weeks Notice (Original Title: Two Weeks Notice ) is a romantic comedy film made ​​in 2002 by director Marc Lawrence, who also wrote the screenplay. The film starred Sandra Bullock and Hugh Grant.


The socially and environmentally committed lawyer Lucy Kelson from New York is contesting a construction project in which neglected social and traditional historical structures are destroyed. Together with two colleagues Lucy presents an invading wrecking ball, thereby to prevent the destruction of a building by the company " Wade Corporation ", but has no success, because the summoned police arrest her. Lucy's parents, both lawyers who share their beliefs, pay the security deposit and pick them up by the police.

To the imminent demolition of another historic building in their hometown part Coney Iceland - the community center " Coney Iceland Community Center " - to prevent Lucy now turns directly to George Wade, who runs with his brother Howard, the " Wade Corporation ". The rich playboy and for his many affairs known George Wade is just looking for a new lawyer. When Lucy wants to talk to him about the project, he offers her spontaneously the vacancy as a lawyer in his firm to. Keeps you at first nothing, but then can be persuaded because her calf promises in the event their employment, that he would save the community center and they would also have a say in construction projects and the distribution of donations of the company calf.

With her friend Ansel Lucy can only lead short telephone conversations, since he has been working on a ship as a Greenpeace activist. After an argument she separates from him. Lucy Wade convinced by their high professional competence; the initial personal dislike to him is changing with time in sympathy the way to falling in love, what they still suppressed due to the completely different outlook on life and political attitude of Wade and do not want to admit.

Also Wade is attracted to Lucy, he soon involved them also to every decision in their professional as well as in the private sector. Lucy, health heavily burdened by the constant calls from Wade, they also tear the middle of the night from sleep, and the internal contradiction of feelings to him.

After Wade brings them through a seemingly urgent call from the wedding of her friend Meryl and it turns out that he only needed one piece of advice for a matching suit, she announced on the spot - their contract in accordance with a notice period of two weeks (two weeks ' notice ). Wade, however, she does not want to let go, is its resistance but later on and entrusted them with the search for a suitable successor for their place. The Advocate June Carver gives an unannounced interview with Lucy and soon begins to flirt with George, who committed on the spot. To an event in the evening she accompanied Wade and lands then in his apartment. When Lucy suddenly appear there, she finds the two scantily clad before, as they are just playing "Strip Chess ".

Under pressure from his brother Howard, co-owner of the company, Wade moves of his promise to save the community center from surprising. Lucy makes him so violent reproaches and since it was also hurt in their feelings for June from him, she withdraws. She works in the sequence again with the Bar Association Legal Aid assistance for socially disadvantaged.

The foundation stone of the new building complex George promises then still that the community center is maintained, as he had originally promised Lucy. He wants to not patronize his brother continue and gets out of the joint Company. George studied Lucy then Attorney -help association, and after some awkward explanations both confess their love.


  • The original English title contains a grammar error. The correct spelling requires an apostrophe: Two Weeks ' Notice
  • In one scene, Lucy tells of a Mrs. Goldfarb and her friends sitting in lawn chairs in front of the house. This is a reference to the movie Requiem for a Dream, which is also set at Coney Iceland.
  • At trial, the divorce Lucy speaks in the film also French and Japanese. In the original English, she speaks French instead of German at this point.
  • Mark Feuerstein should be in the movie playing the character of Rich Beck. However, all the dialogue scenes were removed with him for the final version of the film and you can see him only once fleetingly in the image ( as one of the guests at the wedding of Lucy's girlfriend).
  • As their role models mentioned Lucy Clarence Darrow, Thurgood Marshall and Ruth Ginsburg.
  • Mike Piazza, Donald Trump and Norah Jones have a guest appearance in the film and play in it yourself
  • The cost of production was estimated at 60 million U.S. dollars. The film played in theaters around the U.S. a 93 million U.S. dollars and in countries outside the U.S., around 106 million U.S. dollars.
  • Theatrical release in the U.S. was on 20 December 2002, in Germany on 13 February 2003.


David Rooney wrote in Variety from the 14 December 2002, the film would not be as "fresh" as Miss Congeniality. He described the portrayal of Sandra Bullock and Hugh Grant in the film as " amiable ," said, however, that the chemistry would not vote between the leading actors.


  • Joni Mitchell won for the song Big Yellow Taxi an ASCAP Award 2004 in the category of Most Performed Song from a Motion Picture.
  • Sandra Bullock was for one Teen Choice Awards 2003 in the category Actress - nominated in the category Hissy Fit ( Tantrum ) - Comedy ( comedy actress).
  • The trailer for the film was nominated for a Golden Trailer Award 2003.