Smallest Scheid Ling ( Volvariella pusilla )

The Scheidl Inge ( Volvariella ) is a fungal genus in the family roof mushroom relatives.

The type species is Volvariella argentina.


The Scheidl rings are small to large agarics with central stationary ring Wi- stalk, the mostly white, are colored gray or brownish. Characteristic of the genus the velum is universal, which remains as projecting membranous volva at the stem base. The slats are free, the spore powder and thus the mature blades are colored as in the related fungi pink roof.


The Scheidl bands are saprobiontische resident of wood, detritus and soil. The Parasitic Scheid Ling grows on the fruiting bodies of the fog cap and other agarics.


The genus of Scheidl Inge includes about 50 species, of which occur in Europe, depending on the view 10-11 worldwide.

Schwarzvolva Scheid - Ling Volvariella nigrovolvacea

Smallest Scheid Ling Volvariella pusilla

Parasitic Scheid Ling Volvariella surrecta


Based on molecular biological findings of the Large Scheid Ling is earlei together with the non-European species V. asiaticus, V. and V. michiganensis out in the separate genus Volvopluteus since 2011. Would be transferred into German the common name are " Volvadachpilze ". The name refers to the fruiting bodies, in addition to the external characteristics of a roof fungus ( pluteus ) and a sac-like envelope ( volva ) have, at the stem base.


Some species such as the Great Scheid Ling Ling Scheid are edible, the Dunkelstreifige Scheid Ling is grown as rice straw mushroom to feed purposes.