Fly agaric (Amanita muscaria ) in different stages of growth

Agaricomycotina is a subdivision of Mushroom Fungi ( Basidiomycota ). The fungal species contained therein form a mycelium, the underground proliferating mycelium, and develop at certain times of aboveground and underground fruiting bodies - copies on the ground are usually from the pileus and stipe. In the fruit layer on the Hutunterseite the spores are produced. To Agaricomycotina include most edible mushrooms that are collected for consumption.


Agaricomycotina species form their spores at the end of posts ( basidia ) and not, as in lower fungi in sporangia or sac fungi ( Ascomycota ) in tubular asci. This stand sit again in the fruit layer, the hymenium, the cap fungus in the anatomically different structures Hutunterseite ( hymenophore ) coats. In the Basidienausstülpungen ( sterigmata ) arise as a result of a meiosis per uprights usually four basidiospores - the latter act of procreation.

The germinating spore of a fungus thread, the hypha is initially haploid and monokaryotisch, ie the cells contained therein carry only a single set of chromosomes and having only one nucleus. However, these monokaryotic hypha grows soon along with a second monokaryotic hyphae, the mycelium after the merger is dikaryotisch ( plasmogamy ). However, after the merger of the two hyphae there is not yet a fruiting. Instead, the dikaryotic mycelium growing on a substrate or in the ground further and penetrated it and spreads out over a wide area underground. Often the fungus fruktifiziert only after a few years, and only in a certain season.

A distinction between some stand - and ascomycetes ( Ascomycota ) is sometimes difficult for laymen.


The subdivision Agaricomycotina is one of the three groups of mushrooms or toadstools. Hibbett and authors (2007), they are divided as follows:

  • Class Tremellomycetes order Cystofilobasidiales
  • Order Filobasidiales
  • Rules shake -like Ling - Tremellales
  • Order jelly -like tears - Dacrymycetales
  • Subclass Agaricomycetidae Order mushroom -like - Agaricales
  • Order skin -like tissue - Atheliales
  • Order Dickröhrlingsartige - Boletales
  • Order Erdsternartige - Geastrales
  • Order pig's ear -like - Gomphales
  • Order tail truffle -like - Hysterangiales
  • Order Stinkmorchelartige - Phallales
  • Order ear lobes Fungus - Auriculariales
  • Order chanterelle -like - Cantharellales
  • Order splendor beef Fungus - Corticiales
  • Order Blättlingsartige - Gloeophyllales
  • Order bristle Scheiblingkirchen -like - Hymenochaetales
  • Order Stielporlingsartige - Polyporales
  • Order Täublingsartige - Russulales
  • Order wax -like crust - Sebacinales
  • Order Warts Fungal - Thelephorales
  • Order Stachelsporrindenpilzartige - Trechisporales