VPRO/Boy Edgar Award

The Boy Edgar Prize or VPRO / Boy Edgar Prijs is a Dutch jazz prize.

The prize is awarded annually since 1963 to a Dutch musician in the field of jazz and improvised music (also on jazz composer or band leader ). The winner must have contributed significantly to the Dutch jazz scene. Is awarded a sculpture by the artist Jan Wolkers designed and a prize money of 12,500 euros. The price is the successor of conferred since 1963 Wessel Ilcken Prijs, which was renamed after the death of Edgar Boy 1980 in Boy Edgar Prize. He is considered the most prestigious jazz prize of the Netherlands and is assigned by the Radio VPRO Muziek Centrum Nederland and of.

Even today, a Wessel is Ilcken price for the best young jazz musicians awarded (after a competition on the Jazz Festival Loosdrecht ).

Prize winners (including Wessel IIcken price)