Vyacheslav Oliynyk

Vyacheslav Oleinik (Ukrainian В'ячеслав Олійник; * April 27, 1966 ) is a retired Soviet and later Ukrainian wrestler. He was Olympic champion in 1996 in Greco-Roman wrestling in heavyweight.


Vyacheslav Oleinik began in 1974 at the age of eight years with the rings. He joined the Soviet Army and was a member of SKA Kiev, a sports club of the army. His coach was Nikolai Pantazi. He drew attention already in the junior age to himself as he. At the European Championships in 1986 in Malmö in the Graeco-Roman Style middleweight title against Stig Kleven from Norway and Maik Bull man from Frankfurt, where he was to deliver many exciting challenges in the coming years, won.

First, however, had on the international wrestling mat in the seniors clearly Maik Bull man in the lead. Because this reaped 1989-1994 a great success, as he was Olympic champion in 1992 and a multiple world champion. Vyacheslav Oleinik had, apart from a 3rd place at the World Championships in Rome in 1990, first in the Soviet Union and the collapse of the Soviet Union in the CIS and in the Ukraine against Pavel Potapov, Vladimir Popov and Sergei Demiaschkewitsch prevail, before starting 1994 permanently came to missions in international championships with the seniors.

In 1994, he was then starting to Ukraine, in Athens at first European champion at light heavyweight before Sergei Kiriltschuk from Belarus and Stig Kleven. Also at the World Championships the same year in Tampere he showed very good performance and was behind Gogi Koguaschwili from Russia and before Maik Bullman Vice World Champion. Gogi Koguaschwili was next to Maik Bull man to the main competitors of Vyacheslav at the international championships. Vyacheslav could never defeat Gogi here.

The year 1995 was for Vyacheslav not as successful as 1994. Nevertheless, he won the European Championship in Besançon a bronze medal behind Gogi Koguaschwili and Maik Bull man. But with the World Cup in Prague, he left after the first round and only came in 25th place.

The 1996 European Championships in Budapest showed the same result as the European Championship of 1995: it won Gogi Koguaschwili before Maik Bull man and Vyacheslav Oleinik. At the Olympic Games this year in Atlanta came the great day of Vyacheslav Oleinik. He was in superb form, winning his six fights and was in a superior manner Olympic champion. Among the defeated wrestlers from him was also Maik Bull man, whom he defeated 4-2 rating points. Gogi Koguaschwili made ​​it this time Vyacheslav easy, because he lost in the second round against Hungarian Nandor Gelenesi and had to retire without being able to still wrestle against Oleinik and Bull man who won the bronze medal.

After the 1996 Olympics came Vyacheslav, who lived in the meantime by the struggle, only at the World Championships in 1997 in Wroclaw with the 6th place at a decent result. In the years 1998 and 1999 he was in the Ukraine against Dawid Saldadse no longer qualify for international championships. In 2000, however, he managed to qualify again for the Sydney Olympics in the middleweight (up to 85 kg body weight). He came there, but only up to the second round and wound up a 14th place.

Then Vyacheslav Oleinik was in any international championship more at the start.

International success

(OS = Olympic Games, WM = World Championship, EM = European Championship, GR = Greek and Roman. Styles, Mi = middleweight, Hs = light heavyweight, then to 82 kg, 90 kg, Hs from 1997-97 kg body weight)