Because Weis is a municipality in the district of Emmendingen in Baden-Württemberg.

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  • 2.2 Management Community
  • 3.1 Established businesses
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  • 4.1 Sons and daughters of the town
  • 4.2 personalities with a connection to Weisweil


Because Weis is located a few kilometers north of the imperial chair and about 18 km north- west of the county town of Emmen things in the Upper Rhine Plain to the many arms of the Old Rhine. The Rhine forests and meadows of the district Weisweil were 1998 for the conservation of the former flooding sows with their species richness to the nature reserve Rhine valley Wyhl - Weis explains Weil. The wooded areas were to spell forest in which the unaffected, spontaneous development of the forest should be ensured and observed, or to Schonwald, in which the development of the inventory is to be promoted to the mixed forest. The nature reserve extends north to the Leopold Canal and meets there with the nature reserve Taubergiessen.

By the Grand Canal d'Alsace, which branches in the amount Weis Weil on the French side of the Rhine, and the construction of a Rhine water - power plant, a dam has been created by the main arm of the Rhine at Weis Because expands to a width of about 600 meters. Here is a popular water sports area with sports and marina has developed.

Neighboring communities

At Weis Because the communities Rheinhaus Kenzingen, Forchheim and Wyhl borders (clockwise from north to south), all lying in Emmendingen. In the west, the town on the Rhine, which is the border with France here borders.

Community structure

The municipality includes the village Weis Weis Weil Weil and the courts Harderer yard, Lower Mill, Ziegelhofstraße and forest Eckhof.


Parish council

The municipal election held on 7 June 2009 resulted in a turnout of 66.0 % ( 3.3 ) to the following result:

Management community

With the neighboring community Rheinhausen and the cities Herbolzheim and Kenzingen the community forms the Gemeindeverwaltungsverband " Kenzingen - Herbolzheim " based in Kenzingen.

Economy and infrastructure

Established businesses

  • Because Weis is the seat of Schanzlin tractors and machinery GmbH, a manufacturer of municipal vehicles and CNC parts. In addition, the fire service Iveco Magirus outfitter has a work which is threatened at the end of 2012 due to the relocation of production in the group of the closure in Weisweil.

Public institutions

Because Weis has a volunteer fire department, which in a sketch of the TV program you understanding on June 9, 2007 fun? participated.


In Weis Because it is a primary school; the main school was abandoned. Secondary school students attend school in the neighboring Rheinhausen.


Sons and daughters of the town

Personalities with a connection to Weisweil

  • Nicola Charles ( born 1939 ), 1972-1992 SPD member of the Landtag of Baden- Württemberg, was from 1974 to 1998 mayor of Weisweil.