Biederbach is a municipality in the district of Emmendingen in Baden- Württemberg ( Germany ).

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The scattered settlement community Biederbach lies in the valley of the brook running südsüdostwärts Biederbach and its tributaries, which flows into the Elz river on the western edge of the adjacent city Elzach. The main valley starts at altitudes around 660 m above sea level. NN about eight kilometers northeast of the Hünersedels (744 m above sea level. NN ) in Schuttertal - Schweighausen and the municipality ends in the south just over a kilometer from the mouth of the creek to a little over 350 meters above sea level. NN.

Community structure

The district of Biederbach is composed of numerous farms and small settlements. As local centers of the district of village in the south of the district and the location in the upper valley village churchyards may be referred to the parish church. In total there are 38 villages in the municipality, hamlets, tines, individual farms and individual houses. In the municipality of Bach worthies the disposed (or renamed ) Towns Knechtmannshof, Rüttershof, Stehelinshof were.

As a significant settlements follow each other in the main valley Untertal, Tannhöf, cemeteries, upper valley and high places. In the western valleys lie the settlements village, Hintertal and Uhlsbach, in the eastern side valleys there are the districts of Finsterbach, Hölzberg and Brühl. Illenberg, Knebis, Selbig, Mersberg, Neudorf and Schlegelsberg show up on the heights of the district. Still further out are the districts Bachere and Frischnau.

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Biederbach is first mentioned in documents in 1324. Originally, the site belonged to the rule Schwarzenberg and came up with the whole Breisgau to Austria. The Habsburgs sold the place in 1697 to the Lords of Witten Bach. Due to the Reichsdeputationshauptschluss circuit and the associated media coverage came Biederbach under the rule of Baden. There it belonged first to the district office Elzach. The reorganization in 1819 led to membership in the District Waldkirch. Between 1847 and 1896, emigrated many young farmers due to the lack of livelihood opportunities, preferably in the United States of America.

1861, and in the 1920s the residents of the Upper worthies Bacher settlements applied for in each case the separation of the church in the upper and lower Biederbach. Both times failed but the application. In 1936 in Baden counties were introduced Biederbach was assigned Emmendingen, which it still belongs today. Since the formation of Baden-Württemberg in 1952, the site belongs to the new Southwest State.


Parish council

In the local elections of 7 June 2009 ( previous election: 58.4 %) were with a voter turnout of 57.6 % ten -partisan municipal councils, two women and eight men chosen. In addition, a member of the committee as chairman with the right to vote independently elected mayor.

Management community

The community can be a part of his administrative tasks done by the Gemeindeverwaltungsverband Elzach based in Elzach, which includes the city and the municipality are Elzach winds in the Elz Valley.


Biederbach has a primary school with about 70 students (2009 /10). Not yet school-age children can attend kindergarten St. Martin of the Catholic church. A local toddler care complements the public education and training program.

Culture and sights

In Biederbach intersect two long-distance trails of the Black Forest Association, which runs near many attractions, the Kandelhöhenweg and the Black Forest Querweg Rottweil - Lahr.