World Idol

Superstar Worldwide ( World Idol ) has been an unprecedented show, which took place in late 2003 in London. It was attended by a total of eleven winners of the Pop Idol format.

Before the start of the show there was with Kelly Clarkson, Will Young and Alexander Klaws three major favorites for the title of World Idol. Except for Alexander Klaws the other two were able to meet their role.

Artist, performance and results

The points were distributed according to the model of the Euro Vision Song Contest. The vote took place by telephone. The inhabitants of the countries the associated show formats were able to vote on the remaining 10 participants of the other formats. In addition, each of the participants of his own country was awarded 12 points as " country favorite".

Except for Kurt Nilsen Arabia won all individual votes for themselves. The winner of the Arab vote was Alexander Klaws.

Kurt Nilsen was the winner of the show, but could not prevail internationally located. Solely by American singer Kelly Clarkson has managed to make an international name. Their second album, Breakaway has sold over 10 million times. The remaining Idols are gone; up to Will Young, Guy Sebastian and Jamai Loman none of the former superstars had more success in his country.


Each country was represented by a member of the jury, which was allowed to comment on the performances of the participants.

The jury members were:

  • Randall Abrahams (South Africa)
  • Simon Cowell (USA)
  • Nina De Man (Belgium )
  • Ian " Dicko " Dickson (Australia)
  • Shona Fraser ( Germany )
  • January Fredrik Karlsen (Norway )
  • Elias Rahbani ( Arabia)
  • Henkjan Smits ( Netherlands)
  • Pete Waterman (United Kingdom)
  • Zack Werner ( Canada )
  • Cuba Wojewódzki (Poland )